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Steal These Hairstyles from Our Favorite Fitstagram Stars

Natalie Uhling

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If you can get past her enviable six-pack abs and miles-long legs, you may notice that Natalie Uhling always manages to make a classic ponytail look super chic. To get it, first flip your head upside down. Using a paddle brush, brush your hair smooth to the top center of your head and secure with an elastic band. "Think ear-to-ear when deciding how high to place the base," says Stefanie Francois, a hairstylist at Fekkai salon in New York City. With your head back up, grab a one-inch piece of hair from the back of your pony and wrap it around the elastic, then secure with a bobby pin. Want more classic workout hairdos? Check out these 15 cute hairstyles to rock at the gym.

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Adrianne Ho

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Ironically, the founder of Sweat the Style usually turns to easy, sweat-proof (hair)styles. Her go-to is loose, tousled beach waves that look natural and textured. But before you can recreate the effortless-looking updo here, work on getting her tousled curls first. Using your fingers and a few pumps of volumizing mousse, scrunch the formula through damp hair from roots to tips to boost your natural texture, then blow dry with a diffuser. "Next, lightly sweep your hair into a high ponytail—the look is loose, so no need to be particular—then secure with a hair tie," says Francois. Wrap the ends of your pony loosely around the elastic, using bobby pins to hold each twist in place. And don't forget to free up your wisps: "Flyaways actually enhance this look," says Francois.

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Chelsey Korus

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Interwoven side braids are that much more badass when paired with a handstand. To steal Chelsey Korus's, part your hair deep to the right and grab a finger's width section of hair, starting at the forehead. Begin to French braid (a quick how-to: divide hair into three sections, weave left piece over the center piece, then weave the right piece of what is now the center piece, and repeat), following the hairline all the way down and stopping at the nape of your neck. "Sweep the rest of your hair from the left side to meet the braid in the center and weave it all together, leaving the last five inches of your hair loose," says Francois. Secure with a hair tie. To make it look loose and effortless, use your fingers to gently tug the plaits.

Anna Kaiser

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The coolest ponytail award goes to Anna Kaiser with this double-knotted, fishtail-braided beauty. Even better, it's not as complicated as it looks: Start with a high pony, then wrap a small section of hair around the base to cover the elastic and secure it with a bobby pin. "Take a third of the ponytail (the center piece) and begin to fishtail braid all the way down to your ends," says Sunnie Brook Jones, a celebrity stylist for Head & Shoulders. (To achieve a fishtail, follow the directions in tips for every type of braid). Leave a few inches of length at the tail, then secure with a clear elastic. To create that double knot, "pull a one-inch piece of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the braid at the halfway mark," she says. Fasten with a bobby pin. Grab one more section of hair near the tail of your braid and wrap it around to cover the elastic, then keep it together with a pin.

Katie Boren

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Ballerina Katie Boren's hair game is always on point (pun intended), but we especially love the wet look in this half-up style. To create that just-showered effect, consider your hair type. "If your hair is fine, dampen with water and work through a volumizing foam or mousse in sections to give it a surf texture," says Brook Jones. "Medium types should comb a moisturizing cream or pomade through damp strands to give the hair that high-shine effect. If you have coarse hair, you'll want to generously apply a serum or oil to damp strands from roots to ends." Then, pull half of your hair up loosely—don't spend too much time to create that disheveled look—then wrap it in a bun shape and secure with an elastic. "If you have a short face, place the knot high atop your head to elongate," she says. "If you have a long face, place the knot further back on your head to add some balance." If you want to frame your face, pull out a few wisps from your bun. (Oh, and don't miss the butt workout a professional ballerina swears by!)

Nude Yoga Girl

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The key to this sleek bun is its shine—it looks as polished and pretty as these yoga moves—so start by working a silicone-based serum into dry hair, from roots to tips. Then, use a paddle brush to slick the hair back into a low ponytail (it helps to do this in sections so you avoid bumps) and secure it with an elastic band. Twist the ends of the ponytail and wrap it onto itself, creating a tight cinnamon roll bun. Secure it with bobby pins. Find out why else @Nude_YogaGirl is the only Instagram account you need to be following right now.

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Massy Arias

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Massy Arias is rocking some gorgeous cornrows, which are pretty and practical for the gym. To get them, start by parting your hair in four sections (two 1.5-inch sections on both sides of your head). Begin to braid each piece, adding hair as you make your way down the to the nape of your neck. Make sure you're pulling the strands from underneath the braid to create the inside-out effect. Once you've braided all four sections, gather your loose ends into a tight ponytail and secure with an elastic.

Kathryn Budig

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Like the rest of Kathryn Budig's Instagram feed, this messy fishtail braid is fun and carefree. First, apply a texturizing spray to give your hair some grit and volume. Then, separate sections into two sections and cross them in an X-shape. "Take a small section—about ¼-inch piece of hair—and cross one side over the other, pulling the thinner strands to create the plait," says Brook Jones. Do the same on the other side, and keep repeating the movement until you get to the bottom of your fishtail, then secure with a clear elastic. "To make it look messy and textured, use your fingers to loosen the braid by tugging at opposite sides."

Lacey Stone

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She's famous for training some of the biggest celebs in the world, but Lacey Stone's French twist braids are equally impressive. Start by parting the top half of your head into three sections of hair—one on the top, and one on each side—leaving the back half loose. Separate one section of strands into three pieces, and start to create your outside braid. "The outside strands go under the middle strand," says Brook Jones. "Work down the top of your head, adding sections of hair as you go, until you reach the nape of your neck." Secure with an elastic, and let the rest of your hair hang free.

Ashley Graham

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It's true: Ashley Graham's "boxer braids" (as Brook Jones calls it) are kickass. Start with pigtails, separating your hair into two sections. "If you have fine, slippery hair, use a texture spray or powder before you start," she says. "If you have coarse, straight hair that has trouble bending into a braid, use a braiding paste to give it more flexibility." Do the same French braid movements as the previous slide until you reach the tail of your hair, then repeat on the other side. Secure with an elastic, then head over to the best workout for a knockout body. (Hey, taking a kickboxing class is a great excuse to show off your new hairstyle!)

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