Strapless Bras

Q My strapless bras all pinch my skin and won't stay up properly. What's the deal?

A It sounds like they're too small. Most women think they need a tighter band to keep a strapless bra in place, but it should be the same size as your regular one. Straps simply anchor the bra; breast support comes from the underwire or under-cup support panels. To be sure you're wearing the right size, have a fit specialist in the lingerie department measure you. (It turns out that 7 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra!) Then turn the bra inside out and look for a stay- there power band that hugs the body. Another common strapless problem: color. If your top is black, pick a black bra; otherwise, the rule of thumb is to match the bra to your skin tone. Try the Lejaby Nuage strapless bra ($72;, which is available in five shades.

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