This New Succulent Nail Art Trend Is Kind of Insane

Oh, you thought succulents were only for making your dining room table look pretty? One artist is turning these plants into nail art, which sounds strange, looks cool, and actually has some interesting health benefits.

From gems and glitter to intricate designs and even sporty nail art ideas, there isn't much you haven't already seen at the salon or on Instagram. But we bet you've never seen this beauty trend before: tiny succulent plants on your nails.

Australian artist Roz Borg, is known for making jewelry out of succulents (just look at that garden-like statement ring) but decided to take her creations to the next level by gluing baby succulents to acrylic nails. The process can apparently take up to an hour per hand. Woah-that's definitely not a quick and easy DIY manicure.

Despite the 3D design that looks like it would make everyday tasks a little tricky (can you imagine trying to put in a contact lens?), the trend has gained popularity quickly. "So overwhelmed with the worldwide response to my cray cray idea," Borg said in one Instagram.

Borg has said that once the floral glue wears off, you can plant the succulents as you normally would. These easy-to-grow indoor plants (and many other varieties of indoor house plants) can be used to reduce indoor air pollution.

Another bonus of having succulents around is that when you're couped up indoors, you can bring some of the well-known benefits to being outdoors, inside. In fact, one study found that college students were happier and more focused when they worked in a room with a house plant, and a study from Texas A&M found that house plants can actually increase memory retention. (Working from home surrounded by succulents is sounding better and better.)

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