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Sunglass Style


1. Put protection first
Always look for a sticker that says the sunglasses block 100 percent of UV rays.

2. Take a tint
Gray hues reduce glare without distorting color too much, while amber works for not-so-bright days. Fancy water sports or golf? Rose-colored glasses provide a sharper contrast between greens and blues.

3. Spend wisely
Inexpensive sunglasses can provide the same amount of protection as pricier brands.

4. Know your Rx
This will save everyone time since optical retailers may not be able to fit a stronger prescription to some oversize or wraparound frames.

5. Lose the weight
Titanium alloy frames are the lightest and most durable choice; plastic is a close second.

6. Get the right fit
Lean forward to see if the glasses slip, slide or, or pinch.

7. Complement your skin tone
Tortoiseshell browns and spice shades are most suitable for warmer complexions, while the cooler-toned are better able to pull off blues and blacks.

8. Seek out sport-specific styles
Sturdy and flexible, these specialized shades may also have features like anti-fog lenses and non-slip temple grips, which make them ideal for active types.

9. Cover yourself
Less squinting means fewer wrinkles! Protect the delicate skin around your eyes with styles that extend past your temples.

10. Look like a star
Keep several pairs on hand to match your mood; try iconic looks like Marilyn Monroe's cat-eyes, Nicole Richie's wrap-arounds, and Angelina Jolie's aviators.


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