Sydney Sweeney Says This Amazon Find 'Changed Everything' About Her Hair

Sweeney revealed that simply switching out her shower head made a noticeable difference.

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MARCH 06: Sydney Sweeney attends the 2022 Film Independent Spirit Awards on March 06, 2022 in Santa Monica, California
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ICYMI, Euphoria's Sydney Sweeney (who plays Cassie Howard, the popular girl who has difficulty navigating her romantic and social relationships throughout the show) traded in her long, blonde hair for something a little bit edgier. Ahead of her newest project, National Anthem, an upcoming film with Halsey, the actress dyed her hair a copper red color for her role.

Sweeney, who's naturally a brunette, says her color transformations have taught her how to better care for hair, which she admits wasn't always the healthiest in a recent interview with Bustle. "It's so weird; my nails grow super fast, but my hair doesn't," said the 24-year-old actress. "It's been a battle of trying to get my hair to be healthy. I've been working on it [and] it's getting better." (

While she's added hair masks and heat protectant sprays to her routine, adding a shower head filter to Sweeney's shower had the biggest impact on the look and feel of her strands, she said. "One of the biggest changes [to my hair routine] is this shower head [that I got from Amazon] that filters the water," she told the publication. "The water isn't as harsh, and there are not as many chemicals in it. That has changed everything."

The "harshness" Sweeney referred to is the hardness of her water. The hardness of water refers to the amount of salts, such as calcium carbonate and magnesium sulphate found in the water, according to an article in the International Journal of Trichology (IJT). Exposure to hard water can negatively impact the look and feel of hair by decreasing the strength of hair and increasing breakage, according to another IJT article. Build-up from the minerals can also lead to discoloration and dullness. A shower filter can help remove the excess salts and minerals, which makes sense that Sweeney is such a fan. (

The hardness of water varies by location, but you can learn more about your tap water situation by inputing your zip code into the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Tap Water Database. If you find out that you live in an area with hard water, investing in a shower water filter might be worthwhile. While Sweeney didn't disclose the exact brand she uses, a popular choice on Amazon is the AquaBliss High Output Revitalizing Shower Filter (Buy it, $35, It has over 24 thousand five-star reviews, with reviewers praising it for improving their hair.


Buy it: AquaBliss High Output Revitalizing Shower Filter, $35,

"The Aqua Bliss is awesome!" wrote one reviewer. "I could tell a difference immediately! I don't remember the last time that my hair didn't feel like a bale of hay in the shower, even after conditioner."

"After doing a bit of research as to why my hair felt so dry after washing, I decided the water may be playing a part," wrote another reviewer. "So I ordered the 12 stage water filter to try. One word - Amazing! I could actually feel a difference when showering, the water almost felt softer if possible & the chlorine smell was gone. After showering, my skin didn't have that tight feeling, and my hair felt much softer."

If you suspect hard water is standing between you and your hair goals, Sweeney's tip to try a shower filter might make all the difference.

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