How to Copy Sydney Sweeney's Cute Manicure for Spring, According to Her Nail Artist

The Euphoria star's daisy nail design is surprisingly easy to do — and takes not nearly as long as her character's beauty routine, promise.

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Whether she's sharing her journey fixing up a vintage car on TikTok or gracing screens as Euphoria's Cassie Howard, Sydney Sweeney continues to steal the spotlight with her head-turning style and beauty moments. Seriously, no one can rock overalls and grease stains one day and a couture ensemble the next quite like the 24-year-old actress. Most recently, however, it was her nails (yes, nails) that captured millions of peoples' attention — and for good reason.

On Tuesday, Sweeney took to Instagram Stories to share a short video clip of her new floral manicure alongside the text "my favorite." With bright green grass in the background and practically palpable rays of sunshine, the actress' gradually zooms in on her almond-shaped nails, showing off a nostalgic, multicolored mani that's sure to leave you yearning for spring (and the '90s). Sweeney also tagged her nail artist, Zola Ganzorigt, so reaching out to her directly for more details was a no-brainer. And boy did she deliver. (

Unlike many celebrity nail looks, Sweeney's playful daisy nail art doesn't require professional skill to recreate at home. Just take it from the artist herself: "Sydney's multicolor floral manicure is the cutest and easiest design you can create at home," Ganzorigt tells Shape. And here's how:

  1. Before you begin painting, select your nail shape and file accordingly. "Personally, I like an oval shape on natural nails because for natural long nails, it's more practical and doesn't break [as easily] as other nail shapes," she explains.
  2. Once you're done filing, wipe each nail with an alcohol wipe — or, if you're feeling fancy, you can try a product such as Olive and June Nail Primer (Buy It, $10, — to ensure you're working with a residue-free, dry canvas. And while time is seemingly always of the essence, you're not going to want to skip this step, as prepping your nail like such is key for keeping your spring-ready nail art as long as possible without peeling or chipping.
  3. Apply a base coat — e.g. Sundays Hydrating Base Coat (Buy It, $18, — or nail strengthener.
  4. Apply two coats of a sheer pink or beige color, such as OPI Nail Lacquer in Bubble Bath (Buy It, $10,, which Ganzorigt reccomends. Allow the coats to dry before moving on to the nail art.
  5. Once dry, it's time to jazz up your mani with florals. "Add the nail polish colors of your choice to a palette," says Ganzorigt. For Sweeney's nails, she used Dior Vernis shades in a range of colors, including orange (Buy It, $28,, hot pink, yellow, turquoise, and purple.
  6. Use a nail dotting tool — e.g. Goliton Nail Art Design Dotting Tools (Buy It, $5 for five, — to create your flowers. Start with the dot that will serve as the center and then make five circling dots around it. "Use the center dot color to make the next flower's circling dots," she suggests. "Repeat this step to make your next flowers."
  7. To complete the look, apply your favorite top coat and be patient as they dry. (
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