Drew Barrymore Says These De-Puffing Under-Eye Patches Will 'Blow Your Mind'

The hydrating patches start to firm and soothe skin in as little as 30 minutes.

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If there's one thing to know about Drew Barrymore, it's that the star does not gatekeep when it comes to beauty secrets. From pore-shrinking face masks to nose hair removal, she's always ready to give her audience recommendations that are quick, affordable, and actually work. Monday morning was no exception. After inviting the live audience of The Drew Barrymore Show to ask questions, the actress was hit with an important query: "Can you give me some tips on how to best cover the new bags under my eyes?"

Puffy under-eye bags caused by aging skin are a pesky nuisance that many struggle with. However, without hesitation Barrymore shouted out these patches by Talika. "You have to get these eye patches. They will blow your mind," she insisted, adding, "You put them on your eye for thirty minutes. 'Puff be gone,' and I mean for the rest of the day." (BTW: Drew also has a $13 hair rec you need to check out.)

With a hydrating combination of ceramides, shea butter, and avocado oil, the Talika Reusable Eye Therapy Patches nourish dry and tired under-eyes, leaving behind firm skin and a youthful glow. Better still, the patch incorporates semi-solidified plant oils, which slowly diffuse into your under-eye skin for lasting, all-day effects.

They only take 15 minutes to work their magic; the same amount of time needed to check instagram or take a snack break. And in a move that's both cost effective and eco-friendly, each patch was designed to be used three times before being discarded.

Talika Smoothing Eye Therapy Patch Refills + Travel Case

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Plus, in addition to celebrities like Barrymore, shoppers have also become loyal fans of this soothing anti-aging treatment. "Talika is the only brand of eye patches I will wear," wrote one customer, who's used the treatment since 2012. "The patches do take away the lines under the eye area. They are reusable, the case is sleek, they are worth the money," the user added.

"I was skeptical about these Talika eye patches but have tried them out three times a week over the last two weeks and have been impressed," said another shopper. "The patches couldn't be easier to use — just remove the clear cover and apply to the under-eye area. The initial feeling is cooling and soothing… I have noticed my under-eye area feels moisturized and refreshed. There is a healthy glow, too." (Psst: Want more customer loved under-eye treatments? This list is for you.)

If you're ready to be done with puffiness and under-eye wrinkles, don't skip out on this celeb shout-out. Shop these patches on Amazon and LovelySkin from $50, and as always, stay tuned for more amazing Drew Barrymore recs.

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