Who knew one $30 purchase could be so transformative?

By Kylie Gilbert
February 11, 2019
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Photo: Bed Bath and Beyond

No, Really, You Need This features wellness products our editors and experts feel so passionately about that they can basically guarantee it will make your life better in some way. If you've ever asked yourself, "This seems cool, but do I really ~need~ it?" the answer this time is yes.

Every time I post a photo of my bathroom setup, which isn't infrequently, I get at least five DMs, comments, or texts asking me where I found my bathtub caddy ($40, bedbathandbeyond.com). It's easily one of my favorite items in my bathroom (and that's saying a lot for a beauty editor).

Here's why: The chic teak wood design makes me feel like I've transported from my Brooklyn apartment to some zen spa, and it's a practical way to hold all my bathtime essentials. (Related: How to Make Your Bubble Bath the *Most* Relaxing)

I'd venture to say it's actually changed my bathtime experience. In the past, I'd climb in ready for some serious self-care time and instantly become bored right around the five-minute mark. Thanks to this caddy, it's become a full-on bath party, complete with booze and entertainment-and I can keep my hands free to go about my hair-washing business without fear of ruining my book or electronics. (Just don't bring anything into the water while plugged in, please!)

Another perk: The arms are expandable so it can rest across almost any size bathtub-a very good thing since I plan to bring this with me to all future apartments.

Bottom line: If you enjoy taking baths or want to become a bath person (there are some legit health benefits, BTW), this bath caddy is a must. It will instantly up both your bathroom aesthetic *and* your self-care game-just add in some eucalyptus and some of these bath products for the full spa experience.

It's also way more affordable than it looks: The retail price is $40, but with BB&B 20 percent off coupon (you know you have at least three in your junk drawer right now), I snagged it for just over $30. A small price to pay for a truly blissed-out self-care experience. (BTW, if bathtubs and bubbles have nothing to do with your version of self-care-more power to ya-this woman totally understands.)

Buy it: Haven Teak Bathtub Caddy, $40, bedbathandbeyond.com


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