Get soft, beachy waves in seconds with this affordable hair tool you can snag on Amazon.

By Christie Calucchia
March 13, 2020
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Mastering the art of curling your own hair can not only be a challenge, but it also often takes experimenting with multiple tools to find the one that works just right for your hair. Luckily, Busy Philipps has discovered (and swears by) one curling iron that makes attaining effortless waves a cinch, and it’s called The Beachwaver (Buy It, $129,

The actress posted a video on her Instagram story showing Sarah Potempa, the celebrity stylist who invented The Beachwaver, spinning her hair with the genius tool to create bouncy waves. Philipps clarified her post was not an ad, and that she just genuinely loves the curling iron and wanted to share it with her followers. (Related: This Hair Styling Tool Can Give You Perfect Bouncy Waves for Less Than $30)


For the uninitiated, The Beachwaver is not just any curling iron. It basically eliminates the step of wrapping your hair around the barrel with the help of a rod that automatically rotates—which also helps to prevent burns on your fingers and hands (bless!). To use, simply secure a small section of hair by its ends in the clamp, press a button to start the rotation, and release the button to stop it. Allow the hair to stay wrapped around the rod for two to three seconds before opening the clamp to reveal soft, beachy waves.

While The Beachwaver has actually been around for awhile—Potempa created the product in 2010—Philipps shared in her Instagram story that she was one of the first people to test it out. “It’s incredible. It’s the best tool,” she raved. “I love it.”

And Philipps isn’t the only celebrity to use the high-tech curling iron. Lea Michele, Emily Blunt, and Kaley Cuoco are also fans. So if you’ve ever been envious of their relaxed curls (all of us, honestly), it may be time to try the styling tool out for yourself. Also great? Amazon reviewers love how easy it is to use and how it cuts their styling time down—claiming that it's totally worth the splurge.

One reviewer said: "This has cut my time in half with curling my hair. I use to use just a regular curling iron which took way to much time each morning. Once I got the hang of which buttons to push it was quick to do. Best investment I’ve made."

"I always had trouble curling my hair—until I found The Beachwaver! Makes it so easy to get great looking waves. It is totally worth the money. Mine has held up well over time and I love it so much I bought another one in a different barrel size," another wrote.

Available on Amazon for $129, The Beachwaver might be a bit pricey, but with a cult-following of A-listers and Amazon shoppers, it's definitely worth the investment. Head to Amazon to get your own celebrity-approved curling iron today. 


Buy It: The Beachwaver, $129,



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