Your zip code might come with some serious skin risks, according to a new analysis

By Macaela Mackenzie
May 20, 2016

While you're probably already aware of your heightened skin risks on your beach vacation (don't forget to pack the SPF!), you probably don't spend much time thinking about how where you live impacts your skin. But you should be. Environmental factors like air quality, ultraviolet exposure, and even access to skincare centers can have a big impact on how at risk your your skin is at risk.

Personal finance website WalletHub analyzed data across 17 skin-related metrics from 150 cities in the U.S. to find the best and worst cities for your skin. They looked at everything from total melanoma incidence and ultraviolet index by zip code to air pollution, rates of smoking, costs of dermatological procedures, and number of dermatologists per capita. And according to their findings, people living in some cities may want to be extra stringent about sun protection while others can afford to slack a little.

Among the best for your skin cities are surprisingly sunny cities like Memphis, Austin, Dallas, and New York. Meanwhile, moving to Chattanooga, TN, Toledo, OH, or St. Petersburg, FL, could be bad news for your skin.

The study also found some other good-to-know skin facts: Orlando has the most cosmetics and beauty supply stores per 100,000 residents in the country, Jersey City, NJ, has the lowest skin cancer death rate per 100,000 residents, and El Paso, TX, has only five reported incidents of melanoma per 100,000 residents, which is almost eight times fewer than Salt Lake City, UT, which has the most.

While overall skin-friendliness probably isn't going to determine your next big move, it's worth knowing what your city's risks are so you can pay extra attention to your skincare routine! (Psst... This Is What the Perfect Skin Care Routine Looks Like.)