This $10 Sunscreen Gives My Mom a Straight-Up Glow—and Drew Barrymore Loves It Too

People keep telling my mom her skin looks beautiful, and all she has on is this super affordable sunscreen.

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Real talk: Sometimes it can be annoying having a mom with such good skin. As someone with far fewer wrinkles and age spots than her peers, my mom thinks of herself as walking, talking proof that her skin-care advice (like all her advice) is infallible.

If I send her pictures from a sunny getaway, her only response tends to be, "are you wearing sunscreen?. When I was away at college, she was so determined to keep me out of the sun, she'd mail me bronzer palettes with notes reminding me: "The sun is not your friend, but I am!"

Now as an adult with anti-aging concerns, I can appreciate how much this careful protection from the sun has benefited my skin. Dermatologists recommend you wear SPF 30 (or higher) every day, rain or shine, all-year-round to protect against skin cancer and premature signs of aging. But my mom could have told you that, of course.

Recently, her phobia of the sun has particularly been paying off. Several of her friends, even those 20 years younger, have asked what she uses to make her skin appear so dewy and radiant. The crazy thing is, all she has on is Thinksport Everyday Face Sunscreen (Buy It, $10, She explains it this way to anyone who asks (and me, who didn't ask, for the record): "It really melts into your skin and makes it glow." (Thinksport, you should just hire her at this point.)

Thinksun Everyday Face Sunscreen

Buy It: Thinksport Everyday Face SPF 30+ Sunscreen, ($10,

My mom is not the only person who swears by the sun lotion as an everyday skin-care essential. It has its celeb fan base too. Drew Barrymore has called Thinksport her "new favorite sunscreen," explaining that because the non-nano zinc oxide formulation is mineral, the cream absorbs really well into the skin.

Even better? Thinksport's products have everything you could want in a sunscreen: The broad-spectrum formulas protect from both UVA and UVB rays, are sweat- and water-resistant, and feature mineral-based zinc oxide, which is a strong physical blocker of the sun. They also have high SPF ratings,—typically of 30 or 50—so you'll be protected with the right amount of strength when outside.

Aside from shielding your face from that evil fireball in the sky, the ingredients used in my mom's sunblock won't harm coral reefs like many others do.

From a vanity standpoint, if Thinksport's Everyday Face Sunscreen gives my closer-to-70-than-60-year-old-mom such a noticeable glow-up that she's constantly complimented on how beautiful her skin looks, I guess I'll be adding it to my arsenal ASAP. She hasn't steered me and my anti-aging skin-care practices wrong yet.

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