Tia Mowry Revealed Exactly How She Keeps Her Curls "Shiny, Strong, and Healthy"

She's loving what Camille Rose products do for her curls.

Tia Mowry
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In nine days, anyone with a Netflix account (or their ex's parents' login) will be able to relive Sister, Sister in all its glory. But for now, everyone can tune into some valuable content from half of the show's twin duo. On Wednesday, Tia Mowry shared her curly hair-care routine in a new Instagram video.

In the video, Mowry shows how she uses products from the hair and skin-care brand Camille Rose to give her curls some TLC. "The health of my hair is really important to me, so I like to use the best," she wrote in her caption. "I'm indulging in some #selfcare treating my #curls to products #MixedFreshToOrder from @CamilleRoseNaturals. Not only do they smell absolutely delicious, but they're made with food-grade ingredients to nourish and keep my hair shiny, strong and healthy." (

Mowry started out strong with a deep conditioning treatment. She used Camille Rose Algae Renew Deep Conditioning Mask (Buy It, $20, target.com), which contains moisturizing cocoa and mango butter. To encourage the treatment to deeply penetrate her strands, Mowry wrapped her head in a towel and then applied heat by way of a bonnet hair dryer attachment (Buy It, $19, amazon.com) before rinsing out the mask. ICYDK, using this type of hair dryer attachment can help to open the hair's cuticle and allow products to more deeply enter the strand.

To take things a step further, Mowry then applied Camille Rose Curl Love Moisture Milk (Buy It, $14, target.com). The leave-in conditioning cream has moisturizing ingredients such as avocado, along with macadamia and castor oils. To say the least, Mowry seems to love what the conditioning cream does for her hair. "You guys, it's just making my hair really, really nice," she says in her video. "Look at how pretty my curls are looking."

Last but not least, Mowry applied one of the brand's styling products to maintain definition in her curls. She went with Camille Rose Curl Maker (Buy It, $22, target.com), a frizz-preventing gel.

From the looks of it, Mowry hasn't colored over her gray hair, which she's been rocking since at least April. When her gray hairs first started peeking out, she posted a selfie on IG with a note about reframing the changes that come with age.

"It's a #blessing to #age," she wrote in her caption. "#Grey hairs are signs of wisdom. #wrinkles are signs that you've laughed. #strechmarks and stretched out stomachs are the beautiful miraculous signs of giving #birth. No more perky boobs are the signs that you once fed your babies. #Embrace it. Because getting older, growing older, being HERE is a #beautiful." (

At this point it's obvious that Mowry doesn't just embrace her hair, she goes the extra mile to nourish it with moisturizing treatments. She definitely makes a case for dedicating some time to a well-thought-out home hair treatment.

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