TikTok-Approved Claw Clip Hairstyles Anyone Can Pull Off

Dust off your favorite '90s hair clip and try these looks.

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If there's one hair accessory that says "I'm effortlessly cool," it's the claw clip. More importantly, the chunky, wide-tooth hair clips allow you to hide the fact that you haven't washed your hair in days.

If you own one, you know that getting claw clip hairstyles just right can be deceptively tricky. Sure folding your hair up and securing it in place will get the job done, but achieving that slightly disheveled, model-off-duty vibe requires a bit more finesse. As with styling your hair into beachy waves or a messy bun, you can end up spending a hell of a lot of time trying to make it look like you aren't trying.

Luckily, since the accessory is having a renaissance, TikTok is full of claw hairstyle how-tos. If you're stuck on exactly how to style your hair with a claw clip, these posts are worth a watch. (

The French Twist

One option that's really dominated TikTok is a spin on a French twist secured with a claw clip rather than bobby pins. To try it, you gather your hair as if making a low ponytail. Wrap your fingers all the way around the ponytail once, then continue twisting until only the ends of your hair are poking out of the bottom of the twist. Secure the twist with your clip and you're good to go. (

The Hack for Thick Hair

If you have long, thick hair, then you've probably experienced the struggle of getting a claw clip to stay in place. As a solution, this trick uses a strategically placed ponytail holder for reinforcement. You'll tie off a low ponytail, then split the portion of hair above the ponytail into two sections. Reach through the gap you formed and pull the ponytail up through the middle until only the ends of your hair are poking out the bottom. Then you're all set to secure everything with a clip.

The Fancy Twist

If neither of those claw clip styles feels quite right, this claw clip updo is an alternative. This time you'll start with the clip in one hand and your hair gathered into the other as if you're making a low ponytail. You'll bring the hair up through the center of the open clip, then wrap it down alongside the clip on one side. Finally, rotate the clip so it's facing your head, then clamp it to secure.

The Half-Up-Half-Down

You can try out this hairstyle when you're feeling a half-up-half-down moment. It involves gathering the top section of your hair and twisting at the base of the section you've gathered. Then you'll secure the twisted section with a claw clip, allowing the rest of the top section to cascade out of the clip.

The Quick and Easy Style

If you struggle with mirroring the twists and turns of claw clip styles, this option is as simple as it gets. You'll gather your hair as if making a low ponytail, leaving two face-framing pieces out in front. Then, twist your hair, line it up to the back of your head, and secure it with your clip. (This is similar to the French twist above, but you're not folding the twist over on itself.) Smooth back the sides with bobby pins and a hair product to hold. (TikTok user @sariyay went with Murray's Edgewax in the video above.)

Now that you know how to use a claw clip to your advantage, here are a few stylish options to add to your collection.

Kov Luna Clip

Kov Luna Claw Clip

This clip from Kov is designed to hold thin, fine hair with a budge-proof grip. The brand also makes medium and large clips designed for thicker, longer hair.

Buy It: Kov Luna Clip, $20, kovessentials.com

Kitsch Hair Clip

Kitsch Open Shape Claw Clip

Negative space makes for an interesting twist in this claw clip's design. It comes in gold and silver, so you can match it to your jewelry.

Buy It: Kitsch Hair Clip, $8, amazon.com

Emi Jay Big Effing Clip

Emi Jay Big Effing Clip

If you're getting tired of tortoiseshell, look to this oversized claw clip that comes in checkered and pink glittery versions.

Buy It: Emi Jay Big Effing Clip, $34, revolve.com

Kristin Ess Claw Clip - Curved

Kristin Ess Claw Clip Curved

With curved teeth and a matte tortoiseshell finish, this large claw clip looks like it's straight out of Rachel Green's hair accessory stash.

Buy It: Kristin Ess Claw Clip - Curved, $10, target.com

ASOS DESIGN Hair Clip Claw with Double Prongs In Pale Tort

ASOS DESIGN Hair Clip with Double Prongs

At $12, this light tortoiseshell claw clip with doubled-up teeth looks more expensive than it is. It's on the smaller side, making it perfect for shorter hair or half-up styles.

Buy It: ASOS DESIGN Hair Clip Claw with Double Prongs In Pale Tort, $12, asos.com

Kitsch Eco-Friendly Satin Wrapped Claw Clip

Kitsch Eco-Friendly Satin-Wrapped Claw Clip

If you've already hopped on the satin ponytail bandwagon, you can start wearing a claw clip wrapped in the fabric. This option from Kitsch stands out thanks to its light pink leopard print.

Buy It: Kitsch Eco-Friendly Satin Wrapped Claw Clip, $12, ulta.com

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