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This Lip Liner TikTok Makeup Hack Is Actually Worth Trying

TikTok users are lining their lips with eyebrow pencils — and makeup artists don't hate it.
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There's a new beauty hack floating around the depths of TikTok after this user's video garnered more than 4 million views. The video claims your perfect lip color is hiding in your makeup bag. Specifically, it's your eyebrow pencil and your favorite blush that will end the search for your best lip color. (Related: The Olaplex Bun is TikTok's Favorite Multitasking Hairstyle)

The makeup trend suggests your perfect lip shade is achieved by lining your lips with your eyebrow pencil, using your favorite cream blush in the middle, and blending it all together for a soft final look. It makes sense that your favorite cheek tints that already complement your complexion could translate as a lip color — but the eyebrow pencil lip color is a bit harder to sell. How often does eyebrow color even match your hair color these days?

While the idea of doubling your eyebrow pencil for lip liner may save you from buying an extra product, is it actually going to work? And will it look good on everyone? Here, an expert makeup artist weighs in on the pros and cons of the TikTok eyebrow pencil lip liner trend. (More: Are the Tanning Nasal Sprays All Over TikTok Safe?)

Wait, Aren't Eyebrow Pencils Drying?

Eyebrow pencils are meant to create much harsher lines and shapes by design, so that means the texture is much drier than what you find in a typical lip liner.

"Eyebrow pencils are waxier than traditional lip liners, which could be drying on the lips," says Cristina Montemayor, an Austin-based makeup artist who specializes in beauty, bridal, and commercial makeup. Because eyebrow pencils are made to be long-lasting, they tend to be more drying than your average lip liner, she adds.  

If you're going to try this trend, Montemayor recommends making sure your lips are prepped with a hydrating product (a balm or a lip serum) and routinely drinking plenty of water. There's always a trade-off with makeup, but with eyebrow pencils as lip liners, you're getting multiple hours of wear. (Related: This 'Lip Lift' Hack Mimics Fuller Lips — and TikTok Users Are Loving It.)

What Types of Eyebrow Pencil Works Best for This Lip Liner Trend?

For this TikTok makeup hack, cream liners are better to use versus harsh pencils. Not only because of the drying aspect but eyebrow pencils are made to make those harsh lines by design. Instead, lip liners should look blended to perfection, and a creamier brow pencil will be easier to achieve that blended look. Plus it will be way more comfortable to put on your delicate lip area. 

"I would definitely try this with a twist-up eyebrow pencil, not something you need to sharpen with a pencil sharpener," says Montemayor. "The twist-up applicator makes it easier to control and apply, and you can more easily get a nice, sharp line without having to constantly sharpen the pencil."

But What If My Eyebrow Pencil Isn't My Perfect Shade?

While there are dozens of successful videos on this eyebrow pencil as lip liner trend, there is definitely a fair share of flops, too. This can be the case with those who have very dark eyebrows, such as TikTok user, Charli D'Amelio who tried the trend with her jet black eyebrow pencil and orange blush. 

If this makeup hack doesn't work for you, Montemayor has a helpful suggestion for another way of finding your perfect lip shade. "I know this may sound crazy, but another trick to finding the perfect lip shade is to find one that matches the color of your nipples," she says. "Obviously, I recommend testing out this theory from the comfort of your home. But it really works!" (Related: Euphoria Makeup Looks to Try When You're Feeling Bold)

Ready to give the latest TikTok eyebrow pencil lip liner hack a go? Below are products that each get Montemayor's stamp of approval. Remember, cream liners (ideally those that twist up) and soft, liquid blushes are the best for this makeup trend.

6 Makeup Artist-Approved Products for the TikTok Lip Liner Hack

Thrive-Infinity Waterproof Eyebrow Liner-Eyebrow-Pencil-Lip-Color-Products
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Thrive Causemetics Infinity Waterproof Eyebrow Liner

This pencil contains jojoba oil and ceramides which makes it super moisturizing for brow hairs. But also, perfect for lining and hydrating our lips. It comes in five shades, is waterproof, and 100 percent vegan. (More: The Difference Between Popular Eyebrow Treatments, Explained.)

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Thrive Causemetics
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Refy Brow Pencil

This brow pencil from Refy Beauty is ideal for getting really precise when creating lines thanks to the fine tip. It comes in three colors and achieves a really defined yet subtle look.

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Refy Beauty
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NYX Micro Brow Pencil

An affordable gem. Coming in eight shades, this cult-followed product is something everyone should have in their makeup bag. Montemayor keeps this in her kit at all times. (Related: This $5 Lip Gloss Is the Lip Product I Measure All Others Against.)

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NYX Cosmetics
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Nudestix Nudies Matte Blush & Bronze

Thanks to the wide shade variety, you're bound to find your perfect shade within Nudestix's range. This stick is both convenient and easy to use. Plus, it isn't harsh and it melts into cheeks and lips nicely. It has a soft matte finish, so keep that in mind. 

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Tower 28 BeachPlease Tinted Balm

Tower28 nailed this creamy, soft formula. Every shade provides the perfect swash of color on cheeks and gives us that 'popsicle' lip look when used as a lip color. Warm it up with your fingers before applying to let it work its magic. (Related: Tower 28 Launched the Perfect SPF Foundation for Sensitive Skin.)

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Tower 28 Beauty
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Freck Beauty Cheekslime

Cheekslime is infused with plant collagen and makes cheeks and lips softer over time. You'll need to work fast with this product as the dry time can be quick. A little goes a long way, and it gives the perfect flushed look no matter what color you choose. 

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Freck Beauty