TikTokers Are Putting This Glowy Skin Tint On Half Their Faces to Prove It's the Perfect Filter

It also has the ultimate endorsement from TikTok's "Glow Queen," @Glamzilla herself.

TikTokers Are Putting This Glowy Skin Tint On Half Their Faces to Prove It's the Perfect Filter
Photo: Sephora - Design: Alex Sandoval

If you've spent a lot of time on TikTok lately (honestly, who hasn't?), chances are you've discovered a ton of hidden beauty gems. Think: everything from rediscovering old favorites (like this drugstore mascara) to finding a new game-changing product to conceal dark circles (hello, magic under-eye corrector). Regardless of what part of beauty 'tok you've ended up on, you have likely added something to cart that was recommended by either Stephanie Valentine, aka the Glow Queen or @glamzilla, or Tiktok's favorite beauty influencer, Mikayla Nogueira, aka @mikaylanogueira.

So, when a complexion product snags the seal of approval from both of the creators, you know it's worth checking out — and even more so when that product also happens to go viral with tons of incredible results from users as well.

The GloWish MultiDew Skin Tint (Buy It, $37, sephora.com or hudabeauty.com) is a recent launch from Huda Beauty, the brand created by beauty mogul Huda Kattan. It's like a hybrid between a tinted moisturizer, BB cream, and a light-coverage foundation — meaning, it'll conceal redness and discoloration, but not hide your natural complexion.

But the sheer coverage isn't why Valentine, Nogueira, and TikTok users obsess over it. The real reason it's loved by so many? The ~*glow*~.

In her video, Valentine applies the product to just half her face, and the result is undeniable — it looks like she has a filter on half her face, but instead of distorting her skin into an unachievable, absolute perfection, it simply makes her look refreshed and even-toned while allowing her natural skin texture to shine through. Valentine gushes, exclaiming, "look how glowy this formula is!... looking at my skin, it's like my skin but better. It's so radiant, so dewy, me, but better." (Note: Valentine hashtagged #glowishpartner on her video, but regardless of whether she's working with the brand, the results don't lie.)

Meanwhile, in her video, Nogueira says, "if the TikTok glow queen says you need it, you buy it." She mentions that it "very quickly melts in," and is "beautiful, it's really glowy, like she said: It's my skin but better."

Both TikTokers apply the skin tint with their fingers, but if you're not a fan of using your hands, the foundation has a specific brush, the GloWish Airbrush Finish Skin Tint Brush (Buy It, $31, sephora.com or hudabeauty.com), which is made specifically for applying the product. The formula is super blend-able, according to both TikTokers, and doesn't require a lot of product to produce results.

Since the product went viral, the hashtag #glowish has garnered over 5.3 million views on TikTok. It's filled with users from all over the world with different skin types and tones testing (and raving) about it. One user exclaims, that "it honestly feels like I'm wearing nothing on my skin." Whereas another user attests that even after wearing it through a 90-degree day and entire shift at work, it held up super well.

And reviews on Sephora are equally glowing — no pun intended. "This is such an interesting, beautiful product. I know it's called a 'skin tint,' which made me think tinted moisturizer. And it certainly feels like one (light feel on the skin) and looks like one (glowy, but not oily, [application]) But it acts like a full-cover foundation in way: It evens out my skin tone and makes me look like I have a perfect complexion," writes one reviewer. "I love that it is truly dewy and doesn't look oily; it blends out easily with a brush or a sponge; it works well with a variety of primers and with no primer at all. It also doesn't oxidize or get weird as the day goes on, which was something I fully expected from such a light formulation. I bought this on a whim, because Sephora had a points deal or 24-hour app exclusive or something. I'm so glad I did, because this is my new favorite."

"This is so beautiful. I'm shooketh to core," wrote another. "I didn't know what to expect but what I got was a Pleasant surprise! It goes on beautiful and smooth dewy without being nasty and greasy. Feels like nothing and looks like skin but gives off just right amount of covers! ! A glow from within and it last ALL DAY. I'm blown away. This is just beautiful beautiful. Well done Huda."


Buy It: Huda Beauty GloWish Multidew Skin Tint, $37, sephora.com or hudabeauty.com

So what, exactly, makes its formula so special? For starters, it's both sweat and transfer-proof, making it the perfect for summer — and, TBH, every season after that, too. It's offered in 13 shades, ranging from fair to extra rich, making it a great option for all skin tones. On top of all this, it has some great skin benefits, too, like hydration from plant-derived squalane, and anti-aging and skin-soothing properties from Damascus rose oil. All in all, it makes you look super luminous and provides you with some pretty amazing skin benefits, too. A double win, no? (

Ready to achieve the ultimate glow? Make sure you grab the GloWish skin tint from Sephora or Huda Beauty. Trust, you'll be rocking this TikTok-approved tinted moisturizer all summer long — and every day after that as well. The glow is real, and you'll easily become as obsessed as TikTok, if not more.

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