TikTok Loves This Shower Head That Filters Water

People are upgrading their showers with a detachable shower head with water-filtering beads

Zenbody Shower Head
Photo: Zenbody

It's easy to fall down a product review rabbit hole on TikTok and end up learning about 20 things you never knew you needed — and are now thoroughly convinced you do. Often, a particular product will become popular on the platform thanks to a ripple effect among creators. (Evidence: this facial peel, these DIY pimple patches, and the notorious Amazon butt crack leggings.) One of the latest products to make the rounds might seem like an unlikely hit. Zenbody Shower Head (Buy It, $40, zenbodys.com), a water-filtering shower head that helps to remove impurities found in hard water that can strip your hair and skin of moisture is having its moment in the TikTok spotlight. (

Search "shower head" on the platform, and you'll find dozens of posts featuring the Zenbody Shower Head. (FTR, a few are tagged as #sponsored.) In most cases, a TikTok creator will show an existing shower head with weak water pressure, then swap it for the Zenbody shower head water filter and proceed to marvel at how their water pressure seems to have magically improved — an added bonus along with the shower head's filtering benefits. "I can't believe how it improved the texture & look of my hair," user @itspeytonbabyy captioned their post about the shower head. In another post, @makayla.domagalski1 rated their water pressure from the Zenbody shower head a 10/10.

The Zenbody Shower Head has a distinctive look, with a clear handle that reveals orange and black Maifan stones inside. The stone beads are a type of clay mineral that's sometimes used to remove heavy metals from soil. Their purpose in the shower head is to filter out chlorine, heavy metals, or other contaminants from your tap water, to encourage hair and skin health. The brand recommends that you replace the stones every six months to a year as they become less effective over time. (

Shower heads (or sink faucets, for that matter) with water-filtration capabilities can be particularly useful if you live somewhere with hard water, (water that's high in dissolved minerals), or water with contaminants. For example, chlorine is a common offender, and it can dry out the hair cuticle leading to frizz or irritate and dry out your skin. The hardness of water varies by location, but you can learn more about your home's tap water using the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Tap Water Database. (See: This One Change Will Transform Your Skin and Hair)

In addition to its water-filtering potential, the Zenbody Shower Head has three settings: rainfall, jet, and massage modes, so you can choose your shower pressure preference. Also worth noting, it can detach from the wall as a handheld shower head with a hose. This feature comes in handy when you don't want to get your hair wet or...if you want to use it to help you get off, as some creators have alluded to in their videos. (

If you want to get in on the benefits of water-filtering shower heads but aren't into the visible stones look, you could also go with Feelso Shower Head and 15 Stage Shower Filter (Buy It, $27, amazon.com), a top seller on Amazon with a chrome finish. Or, you can try a universal water filter with your existing shower head, such as Aqua Earth 15 Stage Shower Filter with Vitamin C (Buy It, $25, amazon.com).

While some of the home-upgrade ideas on TikTok are more labor-intensive and time-consuming, switching out your shower head is an easy and relatively inexpensive update. Plus, based on creators' reaction videos, it can significantly improve your shower experience.

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