So. Much. Blow-drying.


Ever wondered how much time you spend in the hair salon or in front of the mirror, brush in hand? All those moments of hair grooming before heading to work and after hitting the gym add up faster than you think. According to a new survey, American women spend an average of six full days a year taming their tresses.

Beauty retailer Lookfantastic asked 2,000 women in the U.S. about their hair habits and found some time-consuming stats. While settling in for a luxuriously long blow-out can be relaxing as hell-you might even say meditative-let's be honest here: It would be great to whittle down the hours we spend doing our hair each week. Here are some of the most time-consuming findings-and our favorite strategies for saving serious styling time.

Washing and Drying

Almost half (49 percent) of women wash and dry their hair every single day-not recommended. Instead, allow us to introduce the best dry shampoos. We tested each of these formulas after super-sweaty workout classes to make sure they'd stand up to our most grueling gym routines. (To take it to the next level, check out our strategy for making a single blow-out last five whole days.)

All that washing also means a lot of blow-drying. Women spend an average of an hour and a half blow-drying their hair each week, according to the survey. To save time (and save your hair from all that heat damage), master the art of air drying your hair. Follow our guide to actually liking your natural, air-dried texture. Or, for those times when you must whip out your dryer, here's how to do it in half the time.


Lookfantastic found that women spend an average of five hours per month styling-that's five classes at the cool new studio that just opened in your neighborhood that you could be checking out. To save time, try a totally doable wet hair style.

The survey also found that the number-one styling concern is volume-limp locks plague two-thirds of women. To boost volume, check out these celeb stylist-approved ways to boost volume after a workout.


Another major time suck? Coloring. Eighty-nine percent of women copped to coloring in order to "look more attractive" and 40 percent of women reported regular highlighting and bleaching to get a sun-kissed shade. To free up some of that time spent in foils, make your hair hue last longer with these expert-approved products.

Our take: If you truly love giving yourself blow-outs or spending time sitting in the salon, keep on doing you-after all, #selfcare is all about taking time for the activities that truly make you happy! However, if you find you have "no time" for that awesome new workout you've been wanting to try or for meal-prepping each week, saving time in front of the mirror (and in the salon) each week could be a good place to start.