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Tiny Tattoos That Represent Serious Strength

Kettlebell Queen

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This little kettlebell is one of the cutest tiny tattoos we've ever seen—perfect for CrossFit lovers and lifters alike.

Photo: Instagram/@andressanyo

Mind Over Matter

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If you're into exercise of any kind, you know that progress is all about your mindset. This pretty tatt serves as a reminder that you're stronger than you think. (FYI, here's why 'grit' is the key to your strongest body and mind ever.)

Photo: Instagram/@tattoovasquez

Heartbeat Runner

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This heartbeat tattoo is super popular among runners but could be relevant to pretty much any sport.

Photo: Instagram/@moji_tattoo_mini

Outdoor Enthusiast

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If hiking is your thing, this wave, mountain, and tree line design is probably right up your alley. (BTW, these benefits of hiking will make you want to hit the trails.)

Photo: Instagram/@wickynicky

Little Bitty Barbell

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This little symbol has become a popular tattoo in the lifting community.

Photo: Instagram/@elizapink_22

Motivational Mantra

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This small cursive mantra can provide that little extra bit of "oomph" when you really need it.

Photo: Instagram/@small.tattoos

Om With a Side of Unicorn

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This yoga instructor's hand tattoos remind her to stay centered—and to always be a unicorn. (Looks like she knows that the unicorn trend is the pick-me-up you need.)

Photo: Instagram/@summerdawnyoga


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When it comes to tiny tattoos, there's nothing wrong with keeping it simple. This marathon tatt is the perfect example.

Photo: Instagram/@jonboytattoo

Mini Bike

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Why not commemorate your love of cycling with some ink? (On the market for a new bike? Here's an easy-to-understand guide to buying a bike online.)

Photo: Instagram/@josegpalacios77


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