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Top 10 Ways to Boost Body Confidence

Shop for Your Body Type

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Broad shoulders? Avoid racerbacks in favor of V-neck tops. Petite? Opt for long pants over cropped styles. You're a lot more likely to put on gym clothes that show off your best features, so go ahead and splurge on those yoga pants you've been wanting.

Buy Clothing Tagged for Your Activity

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For yoga, comfortable, roomy apparel is best. Runners need more support and less fabric. Shop accordingly.

Do a Few Jumping Jacks in the Dressing Room

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If workout clothing restricts movement or rides up, this is the time to find out.

Surf the Web

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Many of your favorite online retailers have easy-to-use sizing guides and liberal return policies.

Embrace Synthetics

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These high-performance fabrics do everything from keeping your body cool to protecting you from the sun.

Go Seamless

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Seamless workout clothes limit chafing—which is good, because few things put an end to your workout quicker than uncomfortable chafing.

Hem Your Workout Pants

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The right length of workout pants will keep you from tripping and make your legs look leaner.

Be Gentle

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Clean your workout clothing with a gentle detergent, preferably a sports wash, and cold water; hang dry to prevent fabrics from breaking down and becoming misshapen.

Replace Your Sports Bra

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Experts recommend that you replace your sports bra every 12 to 18 months to ensure proper support—and comfort.

Buy in Bulk

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When you find a piece you love, snag a second (or third) one. Trust us, you'll be glad you did!


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