By Abby Lerner; Photography by JM Houle
February 22, 2011
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New York Fashion Week Hair Stylist Secret: Placement is Key

A staple at every Fashion Week, the ponytail is often trickier than it may appear. The key to rocking this look outside the gym is choosing the right placement on your head, according to Bumble and bumble editorial hair stylist Neil Moodie, who perfected perky ponies backstage at Max Azria and low-slung styles at BCBG.

Get the look: For a playful, tomboy style, anchor your ponytail just below the crown (about 2-inches above your ear). If you prefer your ponytail pretty and polished, create a deep side part (use the center of the eye as your guide) and smooth hair into a low ponytail about ½-inch above the neckline. No matter where you place your ponytail, amp up shine and eliminate flyways by spraying hairspray directly on your brush before pulling hair into place.

Best hair product for the job: Bb. Spray De Mode ($26)

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New York Fashion Week Hair Stylist Secret: Pump Up the Volume

The bouffant is back-and bigger than ever. Backstage at Ruffian, hair stylist Neil Moodie added a modern twist to this old Hollywood updo. "I was inspired by Ginger Rogers' morning look… like she's been up all night having fun with Fred Astaire," he says.

Get the look: While you may not wear this runway look to happy hour, you can steal this pro stylist's secret for adding a little oomph to any updo. Niel put Bb. Texture in the models' towel-dried hair before blasting it with the hair dryer. Then, he worked the product in with his hands. "You'll find that the hair takes shape," he says. "I love using [Texture] around the hair line to add extra volume and to avoid looking too prissy and polished." Plus, since Bb. Texture is made of a combination of products, it eliminates the need for multiple bottles.

Best hair product for the job: Bb. Texture ($26; Available March 1, 2011)

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New York Fashion Week Hair Stylist Secret: Layer Your Locks

Designer Alexandre Herchovitch was into layering clothes this season so Bumble and bumble editorial hair stylist Rolando Beauchamp mimicked the collection by weaving models' hair into this incredible six-strand braid.

Get the look: You'll need to enlist a few friends to master this hairstyle at home (Rolando had two assistants holding pieces of hair as he braided). Instead, make a low, three-strand braid on the side of your head, gently pulling the hair down toward your face as you braid. For a more layered look (like the masterpiece shown here), tuck the tail of your braid under and secure with pins.

Best hair product for the job: Bb. Grooming Creme ($26)

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New York Fashion Week Hair Stylist Secret: Go Organic

You don't have to spend a lot of time (or money) to dress up your ‘do. Backstage at Behnaz Sarafpour, Bumble and bumble hair stylist Laurent Philippon added spontaneity to this stylized ‘60's look by setting a 2-minute time limit for tying the models' soft waves into a low bun.

Get the look: Laurent used a combo of conditioning spray (Bb. Prep) and Surf Spray on damp hair and then used his fingers to direct the roots back while drying. The hair stylists at Fashion Week used a 1-inch curling iron, but letting your natural waves come out works just as well. With a center part, tie your hair back in a loose, low ponytail. Finally, wrap hair into a soft bun, allowing a few pieces to organically fall out.

Best hair product for the job: Bb. Surf Spray ($23)

New York Fashion Week Hair Stylist Secret: Embrace Braids

Seen all over the runways at the Paris couture shows, the braiding trend grew legs at New York Fashion Week with multiple designers putting their own spin on the style. Hair stylist Jimmy Paul chose tight cornrow braids for the Ohne Titel show, while hair stylist Jordan M created a Spanish-inspired braided bun on the side of the head at Irina Shabayeva.

Get the look: Dress up your bun by adding a braid. Start with a super-clean side part and make a single braid along one side of your head. Pull the tail into a low ponytail with the rest of your hair. Braid the ponytail and wrap it into a bun at the nape of your neck. Secure with pins and spray with hairspray to finish the look.

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New York Fashion Week Hair Stylist Secret: Go Glossy to Look Glam

The goal of this sporty, sleek hairstyle seen backstage at Herve Leger was to make models look as if they'd just stepped out of the pool and combed their hair back tightly on the sides.

Get the look: To achieve the glossy, glam style without looking greasy, gel back hair on the sides of your head and then blow dry. Next, tightly brush the sides of hair back and secure with bobby pins, leaving the hair from the top of the head out so that it will cover the pins. Comb the top section straight back and add a little hairspray to create volume.

Best hair products for the job: Bb. Gel ($25), Bb. Spray De Mode ($26)

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New York Fashion Week Hair Stylist Secret: Aim for Imperfection

The way the clothing at Custo Barcelona moved with the body reminded hair stylist Neil Moodie of dance, inspiring him to create this slightly-undone ballerina bun.

Get the look: Neil sprayed the models' hair with Bb. Styling Lotion and then dried with a diffuser to give it a natural texture. Then, he used his fingers to rake the hair back into a bun and secured it with pins, pulling a few pieces out to make it look even more imperfect. "If you want to polish up the front a little, spray hairspray directly on the palms of your hands and smooth them over the sides of your hair," Neil says.

Best hair product for the job: Bb. Styling Lotion ($24)

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Photos courtesy of JM Houle for Bumble and bumble