Top Editors Reveal: My New York Fashion Week Diet

How fashion's elite stay fit and healthy during their busiest time of year!

The runway shows, the parties, the champagne, and stilettos… sure, NY Fashion Week is glamorous, but it's also an incredibly stressful time for top editors and bloggers. Their days are jam-packed with shows, meetings, and parties all over town, not to mention the fact that they must juggle everyday work responsibilities too. Without time to work out or eat properly, how does fashion's cream of the crop stay fit and energized? Just in time for New York Fashion Week, four attendees spill their secrets to staying healthy!

Liz Cherkasova of Late Afternoon


My Schedule:

"Fashion Week is hectic and stressful; if you don't take care of yourself, you'll crash before the week's end."

My NYFW Diet: "I drink lots of water, especially coconut water, and of course I can't live without my coffee. I tend to eat lots of small meals. I always have a few portions of almonds and something sweet tucked away in my bag for moments when I start to feel a little tired. I like to eat a lot of healthy carbs throughout the week to keep my energy levels up."

My #1 Tip: "I suggest staying away from alcohol completely. Always start the day with breakfast; you might not have another chance to eat!"

Bonnie Fuller of Hollywood Life


My Schedule:

"After years of covering the always-hectic New York Fashion Week, I have learned to make it a point to take care of myself as I hop from show to show. This means getting to the gym for spin class extra early or working out late at night to relieve some of the stress."

My NYFW Diet: "There is so little time to grab a bite, but I keep a stash of hard-boiled eggs, which give me the boost of energy I need."

My #1 Tip: "As with anything, being prepared for the madness helps make the craziness fun!"

Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan of Go Fug Yourself


Our Schedule:

Jessica: "NYFW is one of our busiest times of year in terms of work. We're there covering the front rows for New York magazine and we end up going to, then writing about, something like 40 shows. The Oscars are the week we get back from New York, and that's the biggest event for our website-it's the Super Bowl of celebrity fashion. We can't take any time off if we get sick, so we have to just not get sick."

Heather: "The daily grind can be intense. We end up going to five, six, seven shows a day, which can involve crisscrossing New York City and juggling that with our writing, plus maintaining our own blog. The easy thing to do would be to grab a hot dog, burger, or slice of pizza on the go. But if we do that, it'll catch up with us. Ditto any crazy crash diet or carbohydrate abstinence. We find that if we keep things in balance, we pull through unscathed."

Our NYFW Diet: Jessica: "We vacillate between treating ourselves to great meals and grabbing quick bites. I try to make that quick bite a salad to get my veggies in or a turkey sandwich on wheat. Many a day, I've been saved by the fact that I thought to stick a banana in my bag. The whole week is a balancing act between the foods you want to eat because you're super busy, and the foods you know will keep you in optimal working condition."

Heather: "We are meticulous about not skipping meals. There is no way we'd be able to keep our schedule and keep pace with Fashion Week if we went hungry all the time. I take whatever they're handing out at the tents. Last season it was fiber and protein bars, which didn't rock my world, but they were divine in a pinch. I'd stash those and the free water bottles in my bag at any opportunity, especially the water. I never seem to have enough of that when we're back at the hotel. I don't like to get caught without an option in my purse if my stomach starts rumbling in the middle of a four-show stretch."

Our #1 Tip: Heather: "The first thing we do when we get to New York is stake out the area around our hotel. We make sure we know the closest deli and convenience store, so we can stock up on fruit, water, and Larabars. Our biggest tip is not to stress about it all so much. Yes, there are a lot of thin models wearing clothes that are probably allergic to bagels, but to me, it's especially crazy to go on a restrictive diet at a time when you need all the energy and brainpower you can muster. Just do what you can and don't flog yourself. I'd rather eat healthy in the long run than go to six shows on an empty stomach just to avoid a plate of pasta."

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