This Best-Selling Product Is Leaving Shoppers In Shock After Making Their Hair 'Instantly Thicker'

The building fibers bond to hair with a slight static charge to make tresses appear more voluminous — and users say it's like "watching magic."

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Stress, diet, genetics, and even a lack of vitamin D can cause hair loss, and it's way more common than you think. More than 50 percent of women are estimated to experience obvious hair loss in their lifetime, according to the Cleveland Clinic. And while there's no magic cure that can instantly revive your tresses, there is an Amazon product that makes your hair look fuller right away: the Toppik Hair Building Fibers (Buy It, $25,

Like the name suggests, the spray-on treatment uses tiny fibers made from keratin — an actual protein found in hair — to add instant volume to your 'do. The building fibers have a slight static charge, which allows them to stick to existing strands, even fine hair. In turn, your mane looks instantly thicker, covering any scalp thinning and concealing balding patches for the locks of your dreams. (Pssst… these are the best hair growth serums.)

And while it might sound complicated, the best-seller is actually super easy to use. Simply sprinkle the fibers into sparse areas needing a little extra boost and comb into place. Once applied, the fibers won't budge until your next wash, even if you encounter strong wind, freezing rain, or snow storms, per shoppers.

Of course, you can always extend the treatment's lifetime by adding the Toppik FiberHold Spray (Buy It, $10, for added protection, like some users mention. However, the fibers have enough holding power without spray to stay in place overnight — and they won't transfer to sheets, pillows, or pajamas. (FYI, these are the best sheets for better sleep.)

Toppik Hair Building Fibers in medium blonde

Buy It: Toppik Hair Building Fibers, $25,

However, one add-on that's worth the splurge is the spray applicator head. A must-have for ponytails or middle parts, the twist-on cap has a tapered end to precisely apply fibers and to help ensure that you don't waste product trying to direct it to an exact spot. Plus, it comes with the brand's hairline comb, which uses a jagged edge to spread out the fibers for a more natural effect, as well as a travel size FiberHold spray.

Regardless of your preferred application method, you'll have a choice of nine shades, including auburn, dark brown, and multiple blonde tones. And there's a perk to finding your perfect match: The fibers can also act as a root touch up between salon appointments. Thankfully, there's plenty of product in the 12-gram bottle, which reviewers reported can last months, if not half a year, before needing a replacement.

And replace it you will: Nearly 16,000 shoppers have given the treatment a perfect rating, proving it actually lives up to the hype. One reviewer wrote it makes hair "instantly thicker," while another compared it to "watching magic." Even more impressive? A shopper struggling with alopecia claimed they've used it for two months despite disliking the scent because the results are that good — and provide "instant self-confidence."

Ready to add yourself to the long list of people shocked by their results from the building fibers? Add the $25 hair-thickening treatment to your cart today and prepare to watch the magic tomorrow.

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