People Are Calling This Glycolic Acid Cleanser the 'Holy Grail for Glowy Skin'

“I've noticed a huge improvement to my skin texture since I started using it.”

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Gone are the days of cleansers being exclusively for washing your face. Now, daily face washes treat some of the most common skin care concerns like sun damage, dull skin, and signs of aging. These multi-tasking formulas don't leave your skin feeling dry and tight after washing, either. So you don't have to spend endless hours scrolling through face wash options, Amazon shoppers landed on this glycolic acid cleanser that goes beyond cleaning your skin.

Touch's Glycolic Acid Cleanser (Buy It, $19, improves the skin's texture and tone by combining glycolic acid, camellia, aloe vera, and chamomile. Not only do the ingredients smooth out the complexion, they also calm inflammation and reduce redness. The multi-tasking formula banishes acne and signs of aging without leaving your skin feeling tight, like some other cleansers tend to do.


Buy it: Touch Glycolic Acid Cleanser, $19,

In case you missed it, glycolic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid and one of skin care's buzziest ingredients. The AHA is used in many beauty products because of its gentle properties and ability to exfoliate. So how does it work? "As these dead cells build up, they thicken the stratum corneum, resulting in rough, uneven, and dull skin," Kenneth Howe, M.D., a dermatologist at New York City's Wexler Dermatology, previously explained to Shape. When the dead skin cells are removed, it encourages new cell turnover and reveals brighter and clearer skin. The acid also locks in moisture, so it's ideal for anyone with dry skin, too. (

The glycolic acid cleanser also contains camellia, an antioxidant that reduces skin damage from harmful UV rays and boosts collagen. The aforementioned chamomile acts as an anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling and irritation from breakouts.

Amazon shoppers love the glycolic acid cleanser's formula. One user dubbed it the "best glycolic acid cleanser I've used." They added: "My pores look better (leading to less breakouts), my skin tone is more even and less red, and some of the spots (age spots and acne scars) seem to be fading."

"This is the holy grail product for glowy skin," wrote another customer." I have acne-prone sensitive skin and have tried a lot of high-end and drugstore products. This is the best glycolic wash out there. Doesn't burn, but is some strong stuff which is what I wanted."

One five-star reviewer said that the cleanser isn't just for clearing acne. "I was turned on to glycolic acid face wash by my local botox provider as an anti-aging product, not for acne or other skin conditions." They also noted that "I've noticed a huge improvement to my skin texture since I started using it [...] The few blemishes I do get go away quickly, and I feel like it exfoliates just enough to keep my skin clear and firm."

Acne and dull skin don't stand a chance against Touch's Glycolic Acid Cleanser. The potent 10 percent glycolic blend gives you smoother and clearer skin just by washing your face. And, for $19, the cleanser is worth a spot in your daily routine.

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