Trend We Love: On-Demand Beauty and Fitness Services


If you've ever wished you could have a personal stylist come to your home to help you prep for a Big Event or skipped a yoga session because you didn't want to venture out in a monsoon of a storm, you may soon be able to get these services and more when you want them and where you want them.

A slew of on-demand beauty and fitness services are cropping up to offer at-home massages, post-gym blowouts, office manicures, and more. [Tweet this news!] We realize that most of the services below are not accessible to everyone, but we're big fans and are confident that these trends will catch on nationwide soon enough.

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1. Provita

What it is: Uber for yoga. Husband-and-wife team and founders Danielle Tafeen Karuna and Kristopher Krajewski Karuna wanted to change the yoga game for both students and instructors, and bring the ancient practice to untraditional settings like offices and hotels. Provita is super simple to use: Fill out an online form (choose among ashtanga, hatha, Bikram, Kundalini, power, power, prenatal, or restorative yoga, as well as bootcamp-style workouts) and wait for a text or email that your session has been confirmed. Currently in New York City and L.A., the Karunas hope to expand soon.

Cost: A 60-minute yoga or fitness session starts at about $129, while a 90-minute class goes for $249. Okay, so it's a little pricey, but it beats having to schlep through the rain, snow, howling wind, or brutal heat to the train or bus for a workout. We say you can't put a price on comfort, privacy, or the luxury of getting a private class in your own home or office.

Why we love it: The main goal behind Provita is to benefit both instructors and clients by providing clients the opportunity to take a yoga or fitness class when and where they want or need it, and providing instructors the ability to fill up their schedule and make a little extra cash. It's a win-win situation.

2. Glamsquad

What it is: Housecalls for blowouts. Sometimes you just don't have time to make it to the salon, or maybe your stylist is booked for weeks and you need an updo tonight for a big event. If you live in Manhattan or Brooklyn, you're in luck, because Glamsquad is bringing back concierge service. Just download the free app and book an appointment for the service you want at least an hour in advance, selecting among the "weekender," "romantic," "bombshell," or your own look.

Cost: Depends on the 'do you're going for. Glamsquad bills itself as a luxury service, but luckily it's pretty budget-friendly. Not including tax or tip, a blowout will set you back $50, while a braid costs $75 and an updo goes for $85. If you're feeling a little hesitant, consider this: A blowout at a mid-priced salon (think Lali Lali in SoHo) runs you about $65 plus tip, and a blowout at a top-notch place (think Frederic Fekkai) starts at $70.

Why we love it: Affordability + convenience = the perfect combination. Any service that offers five-star nail, hair, and beauty services is okay in our book.

3. Glam & Go

What it is: An in-gym blow-dry bar. As someone whose hair has been described as "sturdy," "mane-like," and "like Anne Hathaway in in the Princess Diaries-no, no, before she gets the makeover," I've been guilty of skipping a workout or two (or several) for lack of time or energy to deal with my hair afterward. So for women like me, Glam & Go is a bonafide godsend. Founder Erika Wasser currently partners with gyms around New York City and Connecticut, with plans to expand into Miami. All you do is head to that location's stylist after your workout, and she'll set you up with a blowout, top knot, braid, runway ponytail, or style of your choosing.

Cost: $20 for a 15-minute session or $35 for a 30-minute sesh. No doubt: This is a small price to pay for leaving the gym looking better than you did when you came in.

Why we love it: Because no one should have to sacrifice gorgeous hair for a great workout.

4. Priv

What it is: The Seamless of beauty, health, and personal trainers. Available for iPhone, Priv employs makeup artists, stylists, nail technicians, personal trainers, and masseuses. Enter your information and payment method, select the professional you'd like to work with, and "priv" the service you want. Estimated delivery time is generally around 20 minutes, and your Priv person of choice will show up at your door fully stocked to provide you with the tools you need to look and feel your best. Currently available solely in Manhattan, Priv plans to expand to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and London by the end of the year, according to co-founder Joey Terzi.

Cost: Services include tax and tip, and are pretty standard by New York CIty standards, running anywhere from $35 (for a manicure) to $125 (for a personal training session).

Why we love it: Makeover, workout, and relaxation delivered via one app? Genius.

5. Zeel

What it is: Same-day massage services. Originally launched as an overall wellness service, including personal trainers and nutritionists, when the founders noticed that more than half their requests were for massages, they relaunched to focus strictly on providing Swedish and deep-tissue massage with licensed, vetted therapists to those in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens.

Cost: The price varies depending on whether you have a table or will need the therapist to bring one. A 60-minute massage with table, tax, and tip is $160, and a 90-minute session is $215.

Why we love it: Whether you have back or neck pain or simply need to relax, it can be agony to book a massage and then wait weeks for your appointment. Zeel makes massage accessible to everyone, and, similar to Provita, benefits freelance therapists who could use more clients or extra cash (massage therapists and masseuses often don't have health insurance and work multiple jobs).

6. Fitmob

What it is: The Lyft of fitness. Unlike traditional gym business models, which thrive on people not working out, Fitmob wants to bring the gym to you. A start-up and app (available on iOS), Fitmob takes the best trainers and brings them to you at your office, the park near your house, your apartment-wherever you are. Plus, it's backed by fitness guru Tony Horton (he co-founded it along with Snapfish Raj Kapoor and martial arts champ Paul Twohey). Doesn't get much more credible than that!

Cost: This is arguably the best part about Fitmob: The more you work out, the less it costs you. The first time you use Fitmob, it's $15. The second time you pay $10, and the third, $5. Bonus: When you sign up, you get one free week of unlimited workouts to use as you see fit.

Why we love it: Fitmob puts the emphasis on outdoor workouts and fitness classes, which is way better than spending yet another afternoon running on the treadmill. Plus it encourages a community-focused mindset by helping you find trainers and other neighbors in your area who want to get in better shape.

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