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Follow these 7 goof-proof tips for easy and safe false eyelashes application

Select the right color

If your hair is fair, stick to brown lashes-black may be too dramatic, except for evening wear. But if you have medium-toned skin and darker lashes, brown/black or black works well.

Find the right length

Try to avoid overly long lashes. It's best to use short lashes, which fill in the lash line to make it appear thicker and fuller rather than making lashes appear super long.

Start with clean lashes

The glue on false eyelashes needs to adhere to both your eyelid and your existing lashes-not to the mascara that you already have on. Since oil can break the glue's bond or prevent it from forming one, make sure you use an oil-free eye makeup remover to remove residue and steer clear of any oil-based creams or makeup on lids or around eyes.

Apply with care

Apply lashes so they rest along your natural lash line. Most glues take about 30 seconds to dry, so you can maneuver the lashes into place and adjust them and then hold until they're secure.

Know your glue

Semi-permanent glue will make your lashes last three to seven days, while temporary glue will last only until the next time you get them wet. A word of caution: Never substitute an adhesive that's not intended for eyelashes; this could cause irritation.

Leave lashes alone

For many women, the urge to play with the lashes can be hard to resist, but this can transfer oils from your hands to your eyes, causing lashes to come off more quickly. Also, when you're in the shower, avoid letting the water run directly over your eyes (the friction from the water can loosen the adhesive).

Remove carefully

Use an oil-based remover to take off lashes. Never pull on them to get them off, as this will just pull on the skin of your lid or might even pull out some of your natural lashes.

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