Score Two of Tula's Most Popular Hydrating Skin-Care Products for Less Than $70 In This Bundle Deal

Shoppers say this anti-aging duo makes a “major difference” in the “vibrancy and brightness” of their skin.

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The amount of effort it takes to put together an effective skincare routine is excessive, especially when it comes to regimens for anti-aging. With so many new ingredients and products now on the market, you basically need a degree in chemistry to figure out what to put on your face (and what not to). That being said, some user-loved brands make it easier on shoppers and their budgets by packaging compatible products as a wrinkle-smoothing team, like Tula did in this wrinkle smoothing duo.

Both wildly popular on their own, the two products in the 24-7 Day & Night Kit (Buy It, $68, work together to deliver intense nourishment and hydration to dry, dull, and aging skin: Packed with collagen-promoting amino acids, the best-selling 24-7 Moisture Hydrating Day & Night Cream (Buy It, $52, moisturizes and plumps with the help of power ingredient squalane, an emollient that diminishes fine lines by sealing in moisture. Meanwhile, Tula's award-winning 24-7 Power Swipe Eye Balm (Buy It, $38, uses a blend of caffeine and squalane to depuff and brighten, plus collagen to address fine lines around the eye.

the do-it-all duo 24-7 day & night kit

Buy It: Tula 24-7 Day & Night Kit, $68,

Unlike other products that make "a difference in wrinkles," as one shopper put it, this duo is gentle, even on delicate, reaction-prone skin, relying mostly on its moisturizing properties to restore firmness and radiance. For instance, one shopper who previously struggled with sensitivity to products said their skin "has less wrinkles, looks brighter, and I don't have red patches anymore." Another reviewer wrote that they saw a "major difference" in the "vibrancy and brightness" of their skin, and a third user added that they're ​​so impressed with how much healthier and more glowy" their face is. (BTW: One Shape editor also swears by this Tula body exfoliant-moisturizer duo for her sensitive skin.)

An added bonus? By buying these hydrators as a duo, you'll be saving $22. For an effective skincare routine made much simpler, skip the guesswork and head to Tula to check out the 24-7 Day & Night Kit.

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