This Body Exfoliator-Moisturizer Duo Is My Secret to Silky Smooth Skin All Winter

Pairing these products has made my super dry skin more moisturized than ever.

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Every year when winter rolls around, so does my dry, cracked, and itchy skin. I've tried to revive the dried out patches with various drugstore lotions, and while I might initially see a slight improvement, the dry skin always seems to find its way back — but not this winter. I've miraculously managed to keep my skin moisturized all season long thanks to a combo of probiotic-packed products from Tula: the Take Care + Polish Body Exfoliator (Buy It, $34, and the Take Care + Nourish Body Moisturizer (Buy It, $38,

Although these products were received as free brand samples, they've quickly proven themselves to be worth the higher price tag. That's because the body care duo feels like a luxurious self-care experience from start to finish. It kicks off with a nice hot shower using the body exfoliator. I apply a quarter-sized amount of the exfoliator onto a washcloth and gently start scrubbing the body parts where I want to clean and remove dead skin — which honestly ends up being most of them. The exfoliator's blend of lemon peel, cherry seed, and hibiscus flower acid not only polish and buff away dead skin, but they also smell so fruity and refreshing while doing so. But that's not the only exfoliation at work: The product also has the perfect trifecta of glycolic, malic, and lactic acid, which gently break down the bonds between dead skin cells to help reveal smoother skin post-shower. (FYI, here's a guide to the best body exfoliators.)

Tula Skincare

Buy It: Take Care + Polish Body Exfoliator, $34, and

The best part? The total body exfoliation prepares my skin for a dose of hydration, and Tula's stellar formula delivers. It's made with vitamin C and yuzu, which improve skin texture and uneven skin tones, as well as moisturizing doses of hyaluronic acid, ceramides, shea butter, and coconut oil. Altogether, it's one of the most nourishing formulas that I've ever tried — and I've tried many. (These body lotions are also Shape-approved.).

When it's time to apply, I slather the moisturizer everywhere but pay extra attention to problem areas, such as hands, knees, and elbows. Post application, my skin feels like silk. I think it's because the lotion is thick and creamy without being too heavy, so it soaks right into my skin. There is a slight oily sheen, but I don't mind because it's proof the cream is locking in moisture and putting a healthy layer of protection between my epidermis and the cold, dry air. Plus, it has a faint vanilla smell that lingers for hours after applying, which I love.

Tula Skincare

Buy It: Take Care + Nourish Body Moisturizer, $38,

At $34 and $38, these Tula products are far more than I would normally spend on a body exfoliator or moisturizer — hey I'm on a writer's budget. But some products are just worth the extra money, and these are them. If you're looking for a reliable body care duo that keeps your body moisturized and silky smooth even throughout coldest, driest weather, look no further than the Take Care + Polish Body Exfoliator and Take Care + Nourish Advanced Hydration Body Moisturizer.

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