This $20 Tweezerman Product Is Hands-Down the Best Facial Hair Removal Tool

If this Tweezerman facial hair removal tool had a motto it would be "no pain, all of the gain."

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Tweezerman Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover
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Repeat after me: Facial hair is completely normal and very common for women. And while you should not feel any pressure to pluck, wax, shave, laser — you name it — if you're anything like me, you're ready and raring to remove those pesky little hairs the minute you feel one peeking out from a pore on your chin or see one taking up real estate on your upper lip.

Sound familiar? Then you're going to love what I'm about to say next: I have found the be-all, end-all of facial hair removal tools that effectively rids you of those stubborn strands sans all the poking and prodding of tweezers, the burn of depilatory creams, and bumps of razors (although, you might want to consider switching to a safety razor) the sting of waxing, or the pain (and cost!) of laser hair removal.

Fellow facial hair lamenters, please meet the Tweezerman Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover (Buy It, $20,

I was originally introduced to the futuristic-looking facial hair remover tool when I was asked to try it out for an article at my first editorial job. I agreed with one stipulation — I just didn't want my name associated with facial hair in print. Hear me out: At that point, I was a newbie in the industry and straight-up scared of revealing my deep, dark facial hair secret with millions of magazine readers. Luckily, I've grown and in turn, my thinking has evolved to be more self-accepting and less critical. So, fast forward a few years and several intimate articles later, and here I am: so passionate about a product that I've shed my self-consciousness because I really think everyone deserves to benefit from this facial hair remover.

The upside-down-U-shaped Tweezerman tool is made up of three different parts, including the coil — which has a flatter side for larger areas and a curved side for smaller areas — two rotating silver parts on each handle, and two colored handles. To use, hold onto the device so that your thumb and pointer fingers are sandwiching the silver parts while your other fingers gently hold onto the color portion. Simply place the desired side (remember: flat is for tackling larger areas, curved is for smaller ones) of the coil against your skin and, with your thumb and pointer fingers, start turning the silver parts of the handles in the direction of the arrows, enabling the coils to grab the hairs from the root. A quick pang (akin to the feeling of plucking a hair for the first time) and, violá, you've effortlessly pulled out a whole posse of pesky suckers in one fell swoop.

Woman Using Tweezerman Facial Hair Removal Tool

In addition to being effective AF at removing unwanted hair, this facial hair removal tool is a glasses wearer's (🙋🏼‍♀️) dream. As I've gotten older and increasingly more nearsighted and farsighted (yes, I wear progressive glasses), removing unwanted facial hair with, say, a tiny tweezer has become damn near impossible. Why? Because in order to see what I'm working with, I have to get up close and personal with the mirror — so much so that there's about 1-inch of space between my face and its reflection. And once I'm in this uncomfortable position, I feel like I'm racing against the clock, trying to find little f-er and pull 'er out before both my glasses and the mirror start to fog.

Unlike tweezers or any other tools that require precision and caution, the Tweezerman facial hair removal tool allows me to keep a comfortable (and acceptable) distance from the mirror and remove any unwanted hairs without all that blood, sweat, and tears — okay, just sweat and tears. But how do I know where the hairs are if I'm not looking in the mirror? Well, my little hairs tend to be so coarse and so dark that I can figure out whether they're hiding simply by feeling around. But if your facial hair tends to be light and thin, all you need is a quick moment with the mirror to get an idea of where those suckers are located before placing the coil against your skin and spinning the handles all the way to smooth, fuzz-free skin. In the rare (but totally possible) case that you can't seem to catch a super stubborn hair, the tool comes with a mini Tweezerman tweezer designed for these types of touch-ups.

And let's not forget about its stand-out specs. Coming in at a wee 8.3 inches in length and a meager .05 lbs in weight, this pain-free product is small enough to fit in your pocket and light enough that you won't even know it's there. Meaning: You can always keep one with you, be it in your gym bag, backpack, or purse.

Tweezernan Facial Hair Removal Tool and Tweezer

Buy It: Tweezerman Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover, $20,

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