Remembering to reapply isn't always easy—but you know you'll look forward to whipping out this product.

By Parents
Updated: August 28, 2018

Photos: Always Fits

This story originally appeared on by Lauren Pardee.

We never thought it would come to this, but you can now buy unicorn snot that is good for your health. Don't be confused, you read that correctly-unicorn snot! (And we're not talking about actually-edible rainbow unicorn foods.)

No, there isn't a pack of allergy ridden mystical creatures running around. Unfortunately, unicorns still aren't real despite their popularity, but Always Fits is marketing a glitter sunscreen cool enough to come straight from the magical horse itself. (Related: Meet Elodie, the Cute Unicorn Humidifier Adding a Touch of Magic to the Air)

We can't decide if this is ridiculous and gross, or just plain awesome. (We are leaning towards the latter.) The SPF 30 offers great protection and a shimmer complexion-seems like a promising combination. For those wondering, Always Fits promises that the glitter only sticks to your skin, not your swimsuit! (Related: Target's New Unicorn Ice Cream Is a Shimmery, Sugary Dream Come True)

The $24, 5 fl. oz. bottle comes in three shiny shades: gold, pink, or blue. We aren't sure if beach unicorns are a thing, but one use will channel some major mermaid vibes as you sparkle in the sun.

Ok, we have made up our minds-we are very much into this product. Having beautifully bronzed skin is one thing, but adding a body glitter to the mix is a game changer. (And while you're at it, you might as well create a glitter six-pack too.)



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