CL, Ezra Miller, Joey King, Karol G, and Lizzo all took part.

By Renee Cherry
June 28, 2019

It's finally becoming mainstream for cosmetic and personal care brands to stray from beauty norms. Within the past month, a Fenty Beauty ad made waves for showing facial scars, and razor brand Billie launched a groundbreaking campaign featuring women with visible pubic hair. Now, Urban Decay is the latest company to challenge beauty standards with its Pretty Different campaign. (Related: This Model Just Became the First Benefit Cosmetics Ambassador with Down Syndrome)

Urban Decay partnered with five familiar faces for the campaign, all of whom are killing it ATM: South Korean singer-songwriter CL, actors Ezra Miller and Joey King, Colombian singer Karol G, and last but not least, the fabulous Lizzo.

In the campaign's video, the five stars break out of a sea of pink-clad, selfie-snapping people. (Related: Lizzo Says She Loves "Normalizing the Dimples" On Her Butt and "Lumps" On Her Thighs)

ICYDK, this is Lizzo's first-ever makeup campaign. The singer shared a celebratory post on Instagram to mark the occasion: "IM #PRETTYDIFFRENT I LOVE MY WIDE FACE, HIGH CHEEKBONES AND DOUBLE CHIN! IM A BAD BITCH IN MY @URBANDECAYCOSMETICS!!!" she wrote.

CL posted about the campaign on IG, too. She opened up about embracing her features in the ad: "For years I've been told it's not pretty to be different," she wrote in an Instagram Story. "It's hard to stand out, it's hard to speak up...But it's worth it in the end."

So far, Twitter is living for the campaign and the celebrities that Urban Decay chose to feature.

And we're all for the message behind the campaign: Makeup can (and should) be used to stand out rather than to conform.


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