The quick-absorbing, sun-care products protect your skin without leaving behind a chalky residue or oily finish.

By Braelyn Wood
May 21, 2020
Meg Oliphant / Contributor/ Getty Images

The worst sunburn of my entire life happened from a day of playing tennis outdoors—and I spent my teen years on the beaches of Hawaii, so that’s saying something. Ever since that day, sunscreen became an important part of game day prep, just like staying hydrated and warming up. But it turns out, this verdict goes beyond high school tennis players and applies to legit champions, including Venus Williams.  

In fact, the seven-time Grand Slam winner is such a big supporter of SPF that she just launched her own sun-care collection with Credo Beauty called EleVen, after her activewear line of the same name. According to Credo Beauty's site, Williams said that spending most of her athletic career outdoors sparked an interest in creating reliable sun-protection products that work for all skin types and tones. (P.S. It's not just for outdoor activities—you still need sunscreen if you’re spending the day inside.)


The first revolutionary pick in Williams’ EleVen lineup, which officially dropped yesterday, is the Unrivaled Sun Serum (Buy It, $50, It’s the meeting point of sun protection and skincare with a multi-tasking formula that protects against UVA and UVB rays while giving skin a subtle dewy glow. Like sunscreen, it provides SPF 35 thanks to a 25-percent concentration of zinc oxide

Ideal for wearing under makeup, the lightweight serum applies transparently and quickly absorbs into the skin. In addition to providing sun protection, the serum contains hydrating prickly pear extract, which calms any irritation. (Related: The 11 Best Anti-Aging Serums According to Dermatologists)


Of course, the line includes traditional sunscreen, too. Williams delivered a product that—similar to the serum—will turn your concept of sunscreen on its head. In this case, it’s a full-coverage sunscreen that doesn’t leave a chalky white residue, even on darker skin tones. Instead, the zinc oxide-based mineral sunscreen “melts” into the skin. Plus, it promises a semi-matte finish rather than a greasy sheen. (Check out more sunscreens for working out that don’t suck.)

As if you needed yet another reason to praise Williams, her new sun-care line is also vegan and eco-friendly. The formulas reef-safe and the products are bottled in recyclable packaging when possible, so you’ll feel good about protecting your skin with this sunscreen—whether you’re on the tennis court or a sandy beach.


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