Victoria Beckham, Lea Michele, and Jenna Dewan have all taken to Instagram to rave about the vegan body oil.

By Jaime Osnato
Updated May 28, 2019
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Celebrities have the luxury of trying pretty much any beauty product under the sun—so when we notice the same one popping up in multiple celebs' Instagram feeds (unsponsored), we're instantly intrigued. In the past six months, there's one body oil that has come up again and again: OSEA Malibu's Undaria Algae Oil (Buy It, $48,

"Love this body oil!" Victoria Beckham gushed on Instagram, adding, "It's natural ladies!" Lea Michele also posted that she's a fan of the vegan beauty brand because it helps restore her 'natural glow' instantly. (Related: The $8 Drugstore Mascara Lea Michele Wore on Her Wedding Day)

And if that wasn't enough to convince you that this stuff is seriously good, Jenna Dewan—the queen of essential oils—followed suit, posting that she can't get enough of the oil. (Related: These Luxe Beauty Oils Are Good for Both Your Mind and Body)


So what actually is it? The botanical-based body oil is made from USDA-certified organic undaria algae. Before you gag, algae aren't just green, scummy, slimy sea creatures. Packed to the gills with nutrients and vitamins, algae and marine-based extracts can be found in lots of well-known skin-care brands and boast numerous benefits for your skin. Most notably, algae can hydrate, soften, and soothe dry, irritated skin, making this body oil an ideal addition to your winter skin-care regimen. (Related: The $30 Moisturizer Sarah Jessica Parker Can't Live Without)

Plus, thanks to plentiful antioxidants, algae shield your skin from free radicals that cause premature aging. That's why this body oil-rich in powerhouse antioxidant B vitamins-improves fine lines and wrinkles. Açaí pulp oil and sesame seed oil round out the team of potent wrinkle fighters. Loaded with essential fatty acids and antioxidants, these oils not only hydrate but also plump and firm skin to create a dewy, silky texture.

If you're worried the multi-oil formulation will leave you a greasy mess, don't. Fast-absorbing babassu seed oil gives you all the sheen without the slippery residue, so you don't have to wait forever to dress or lose sleep about staining your sheets. With aromatic notes of citrus and cypress, this body oil's scent is heavenly. And, since it's free of synthetic fragrance, it complements even the most sensitive skin. (For more suggestions: 8 Beauty Oils to Keep You Hydrated from Head to Toe)

For the full hydrating benefits, take after Lea and Victoria and apply this rich body oil to damp skin when it's best able to absorb moisture. "I use it straight out of the shower when my skin is still a little wet," Victoria says.

Although it isn't drugstore cheap, at $48 a bottle it doesn't have a crazy expensive price tag either if you want to snag a bottle now and add a celeb-approved algae oil to your post-shower routine.

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