Here's why you should too

By Macaela Mackenzie
Updated: November 30, 2016

In case you had any doubt that hair and makeup trends are shifting towards a healthier, more natural aesthetic (see: the no-makeup trend celebrities love), look no further than this year's Victoria's Secret show in Paris.

For the 2015 show, Victoria's Secret made a little break with tradition when model Maria Borges rocked the runway with her close-cropped natural hair. The response was so positive, the panty purveyor is going more au natural for the 2016 show and embracing the models' natural texture and length, as Victoria's Secret Fashion Show hairstylist Sara Potempa told Refinery29. This approach not only encourages a refreshingly diverse display of hair types, it's straight up healthier for hair, says Brittan White, a stylist in New York City.

Forcing hair into an unnatural look can really do a number on your strands. First, there are the extensions needed to achieve those Botticelli-worthy waves. "The weight of the extensions can actually pull out your hair," says White, who adds that the longer you wear them, the worse the problem gets. Then, there's all the heat from styling tools, which can make hair dry, brittle, and frizzy.

It's not like the Angels are forfeiting hairstyling altogether (this isn't an alternate universe, after all), but even subtle shifts like this have a way of trickling down into styles tried by everyone. And we, for one, love this healthier-more inclusive-approach to beauty. We bet your hair will too.



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