This Jennifer Garner-Approved Hair Serum Repaired My Split Ends In Just One Month

Now I see why Garner said the product changed her hair “more than anything else, ever.”

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When it comes to hair, I'm a big believer in doing what you want, when you want to. For instance, a few months ago I decided to bleach mine right before a trip to Arizona full of swimming in chlorinated pools, hiking in dry deserts, and lots of heat styling for nights out. And while my new golden curls made the adventure all the more exciting, the split ends that seemingly sprouted up the moment I landed back in New York almost made me regret the decision — almost.

After trying Olaplex 0 through 8 and every other bond builder I could get my hands on, I was still on the brink of shaving my head. My dried-out strands weren't making a comeback, and actually were accruing more damage by the day. Finally, after weeks of struggle and dollars wasted, the hair gods gave me a sign in the form of a shoutout from none other than Jennifer Garner. In the 30-second Instagram video posted in November, Jen discusses the Virtue Labs Perfect Ending Split End Serum (Buy It, $42, and with her stylist, Adir Abergel, adding the caption, "Yes, it has changed my hair more than anything else, ever."

A co-founder of Virtue, Abergel explains that the serum's star ingredient, Alpha Keratin 60ku, "repairs the hair, gives it beautiful shine, and gives it the perfect hydration." The majority of human hair structure is made up of keratin, and according to the brand, what sets this patented formula apart is that "our bodies recognize it as our own" and allow it to fill cracks and broken points in individual pieces of hair. Plus, along with these hard-working proteins, the serum also contains nutrient-rich pea protein and baobab to promote a silky-smooth texture.

virtue split end serum review

Buy It: Virtue Labs Perfect Ending Split End Serum, $42, and

If you're like me and completely done with products not living up to their promises, this all sounds too good to be true, which is why I put this bottle to the test. When Virtue offered to send me a sample, I read the directions ahead of time, so I was ready to go when the package arrived. After washing my hair and letting it dry, I shook my new bottle of Perfect Ending Split End Serum vigorously to "activate it," as Abergel explained. Then, I put two to three drops in my palm and worked it through my hair from midshaft to ends (if you have thick hair, I recommend using more). Throughout the rest of the day, my hair did feel more hydrated, bouncier, and less like the haystack I'd become accustomed to. (BTW: Virtue's 6 in 1 styler is also a Garner-favorite.)

After a full month of bi-weekly use, there are only a few drops left in the container, and my hair honestly feels smoother and healthier than ever before. Even prior to bleaching my whole head, I had split ends and tangles that have now been replaced with silky strands and consistently good hair days. Eventually, I let my hair go back to brown, but if I ever feel the urge to go blonde again, I will in an instant — especially now that I'm prepared with the Virtue Labs Perfect Ending Split End Serum.

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