The results will convince you to step way out of your makeup comfort zone.

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What happens when you give a few out-of-the-box lip colors-think tangerine, periwinkle blue and deep purple-to 27 influencers? Read on for the enlightening results. (Related: The One Product That Can Make Your Lip Color Last All Day)

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Photo: Troy Covey

"This is very crazy. I have never worn this color and would never do it again. But I have to admit, when I saw this photo I thought, Wait, this is kind of good. And the experience has made an impact. "I mean, I am wearing blue lipstick and heels at a photo shoot in New York City. Who am I? And what can I achieve next?"Hajra Tariq (left)

"I would never have bought this bold orange color, but I love it. I wore it to a bar one night, and it made me feel con­fident and cool. I will absolutely do it again."Grace Hennigan (middle)

"My lipstick is totally making my day. I'm outgoing, and I talk a lot, so I love to wear bright colors and outra­ gorgeous clothes that make me and other people happy. Plus, they're great conver­sation starters."Gregoria Reyes-Lou, aka Greivy (right)

Photo: Troy Covey

"I was so nervous to try this. I thought I would look like a clown. But nobody flinched, and I feel a little more cheerful."-Tineey Tsang (left)

"This is so not me, but it makes me feel like that cool, edgy girl I want to be. IRL I'm in bed by 10 p.m. Getting out of my comfort zone is a risk but a good risk."-Melanie Sutrathada (center)

"It doesn't look as bad as I expected, but I feel really self-conscious. Still, this experiment was a good reminder to try things I normally wouldn't."-Tedi Sarah (right)

Photo: Troy Covey

"I am here for this! It's a small change, but I feel so different. I'm smiling more, walking taller, and acting bolder."-Divya Dhaliwal (left)

"I'd never put on lipstick before, but I'd thought about it. This made me let my guard down a bit and not take things so seriously. It's actually pretty badass."-Alex Kalb (center)

"I wore this to work for a week, and people were a bit shocked. But I felt beautiful and like I should be drinking coconut water on a beach."-Phyllicia Bonanno (right)

Photo: Troy Covey

"Bold lips have always been my thing. They put me in a good mood, and I think people are attracted to the confidence that comes with them."-Sabrina Poon (left)

"When I wore this to a birthday dinner, I heard a lot of comments like, ‘That lipstick!' It's a statement that I'm definitely going to make again."-Mirel Zaman (center)

"Many people told me I should wear this bold lip more often because it really brightens up my face. I think it elevates my whole look."-Lauren Recchia (right)

Photo: Troy Covey

"I had this on all day and felt so vibrant. My hair gets a lot of attention, so I'm used to that, but I got a few extra approving looks in New York City."-Christina Vega (left)

"To me, Vaseline is makeup, so this is zero to 100. But I think 2019 is the year of women doing whatever the ef we want, so I'm owning this look."-Claire Fountain (center)

"I'm not afraid to be who I am. I love to make a statement. You can't not notice me now."-Samantina Zénon (right)

Photo: Troy Covey

"I'm not going to wear this particular color out, but I do apply clear lip gloss every day, and I'd go for a tint. I wish more men would admit to wearing makeup; many do."-Aly El (left)

"No one is used to seeing bright colors on me, so this added a special oomph."-Lauren Mazzei (center)

"I'm surprised that I like this, but it does completely embody my personality: bright, pop-­y, fun, and happy."-Ashley Nelson (right)

Photo: Troy Covey

"I never put on lip color, but doing so created a ripple effect in the rest of my life. It inspired a new energy, and I carried myself differently."-Hitomi Mochizuki (left)

"I have a very lax dress code at work, so I wore this to the office. It was certainly an attention grabber. I may do it again soon!"-Gita Woosley (center)

"This shade showcases my power. So many people don't think they can rock it, but they can. It's not about the par­ticular hue; it's about owning the vibe it creates"-Mariann Yip (right)

Photo: Troy Covey

"My lips are the main feature on my face, as they are for many black women, so this bright color expresses my blackness in an overt way that I like."-April Kae (left)

"Whenever I swiped this on, people were so nice and complimentary. I don't know if it was a reaction to how I looked or how I acted."-Julia Murphree (center)

"My makeup game is basic. Orange lipstick has been the perfect nudge to add a bit more fun and pop to my look."-Emily Kammeyer (right)

Photo: Troy Covey

"I wore this on my commute. I felt really exposed, but it's New York-this was probably the least crazy thing on these streets."-Emma Claire Fried (left)

"I thought my friends would think that I was back to my Cheetos habit, but instead I heard a lot of 'Girl, you look good!' It felt like a shot of energy."-Erin Donnelley (center)

"This was a big change, but I want to stop being so neutral and give people a reason to look at and wonder about me."-Stephany Ayoubi (right)


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