It also has 2,000 reviews on Amazon.

By Braelyn Wood
July 29, 2019
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Drew Barrymore at Beautycon Festival LA 2018

When it comes to beauty recommendations, Drew Barrymore can do no wrong. Between her massive beauty collection and self-created #BeautyJunkieWeek (not to mention, her own beauty line), the Flower beauty founder continues to offer up the best hair tips, her favorite all-natural products, and helpful beauty hacks to her millions of followers.

So when the Santa Clarita star posted an Instagram video sharing her secret to taking care of her voluminous mane, we weren’t surprised to see the notoriously pricey Mason Pearson Brush (Buy It, $205, included in her collection of holy-grail hair products. But then, Barrymore pulled out the budget-friendly Wet Brush (Buy It, $9, and we rejoiced. 

“I love the Mason Pearson brush and I also love the Wet Brush,” Barrymore said. 

The 44-year-old explained that she’s trying to grow her hair out after excessive dying left it damaged. To keep her remaining strands healthy, Barrymore said she focuses on redistributing oils from the roots to the tips.  (Related: The $18 Acne Treatment Drew Barrymore Can’t Stop Talking About)

Since the Wet Brush is designed to detangle wet strands pain-free, the natural redistribution of oils is almost like an added bonus of the design. The bristle tips are dipped into two coats of poly instead of one, which makes them ultra-soft (and helps minimize hair breakage). But the soft tips also allow you to bring the brush into direct contact with your scalp, making every stroke feels like a gentle massage.

The bristles themselves are also a step above the rest, made with Intelliflex technology that allows them to be strong, yet super thin and flexible at the same time. The result? Bristles that bend slightly to pull through knots before snapping back into place, which reduces breakage on your strands and does away with pain. 

Wet Brush Classic Brush

Wet Brush, Buy It, $8,

While you might assume the “wet brush” is only for wet hair, it’s also a great option for dry or damp hair. Gentle enough to even be used on wigs, it’s also designed to work on all hair types, including ultra-curly locks (like Barrymore's).

If this all sounds too good to be true, you don’t have to just take Barrymore’s word for it. There are also more than 1,700 positive reviews on Amazon from customers raving about this brush. Not to mention, the grand total comes to a mere $8 on Amazon (you could also save a little more by purchasing a bright pink Wet Brush for just $7 at Walmart, too.) Either way, you’ll be putting knots to bed in no time.