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What Does Your Bra Say about You?

Your Bra Personality

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We all know clothes make the woman. The outfit you choose on any given day can speak volumes about you. The right (or wrong) one can make or break a job interview, a first date, and even a first impression! But, as you peel away those layers, it's what's underneath that really matters! A bra is the very first thing you put on and the closest to your heart. So it' no surprise that the one you choose displays your inner beauty and explains your personality, perfectly. Here, we tell you how to find the "perfect match" for your lingerie drawer and the "proper support" for your personality...

Slick and Sporty

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We all have those friends who live in their sports bras; wearing them everywhere from the gym to parent teacher meetings. And can you blame them? Sports bras are comfortable, easy to throw on, and perfect for almost every activity (except looking cute!). So, for the slick and sporty gal, I present this New Balance Intimates bra-lette. It comes in lots of colors and offers the convenience of a sports bra, in a much cuter package ($17.99 at

Flirty and Friendly

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What if your assets don't match your sparkling personality? For social butterflies who need a little "boost" of confidence under their tops, try this Calvin Klein Naked Glamour Add-a-Size Bra. This powerful push-up is tailored to increase sex appeal and instantly enhance cleavage by adding up to a cup and a half ($46 at

The Life of the Party

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Plunging necklines? No problem! There's nothing wrong with flaunting it if you've got it, but when you show a little too much skin, tasteful turns to tacky! This very un-bra-like Peek-a-Boo Camisole by Dirty Dolls Lingerie is meant to be shown off but offers all the elements (underwire, power mesh, and wide straps) of proper support. Guess what it'll also do, Miss Life of the Party? Hold those puppies in place while you're dancing the night away ($60 at

Chic and Conservative

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For the woman who's chic enough to have endless options in her closet, but conservative enough to never let her bra peek through any of them, the Breeze Comfort Multi-Way Convertible is a safe choice ($31.99 at

Hollywood Starlet

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While she's running from audition to audition looking for that big break, a Hollywood Starlet spends her days pretending to be someone else. That's why this Sling Bra from Frederick's of (where else) Hollywood, explains it all. It's all flash, with black lace and leopard, but best of all; it can be worn three different ways, to fit whatever personality she's portraying that day ($38 at

Stylish and Sophisticated

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For the woman whose closet is stocked with Chanel, Gucci, and Dior, she'd surely turn up her discerning nose at the average bra. So, I tracked down this runway-inspired, hand-crafted silk style from lingerie line Toad Lillie. The ruffles are right on trend and so are the contrasting pops of purple and red, making this a mammary masterpiece ($230 at

Pretty and Polished

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This lacy little ditty by Panache is said to be Jessica Simpson's favorite bra, and we can see why. Its no-frills approach is a perfect match for the pretty singer's Southern charm, plus it lifts and supports larger bust lines ($62 at

Curvy and Confident

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You've got it (hello, DD's) and you flaunt it. Curves are killer and we love 'em, but being fuller busted comes with its own set of challenges. That's why when I find something this pretty made just for fuller figures, I just have to pass it along. The Amoena Mia Amelia Bra not only looks hot, it's made of a special fabric that actually helps to fight body heat when temperatures are rising (meaning: no more boob sweat). Supermodel Emme is a fan and you will be too! ($65 at

Haute Mama

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Who says nursing moms can't still look and feel sexy? Leave the granny bras to, well, the grannies and get a look at this purple lacy number from You! Lingerie. Now, if we could only tackle those "mom jeans" ... ($29.99 at

Meet the Bra Guru: Jené Luciani

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Jené Luciani is a fashion journalist, stylist, and regular correspondent and contributor to a number of national media outlets, including NBC's TODAY and Martha Stewart Living Radio. She is the author of The Bra Book: The Fashion Formula to Finding the Perfect Bra. When she's not writing, she's playing dress up or doing mommy and me yoga with her 2-year-old daughter. You can find her on Facebook or on Twitter @JeneLuciani.


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