Blink Brow Bar is offering a new eyebrow massage treatment inspired by Ayurvedic massage principles.


Forget microblading and brow extensions. Eyebrow pinching is the new brow treatment you should put on your radar.

The new service at Blink Brow Bar—which has locations in London, the United Kingdom, Copenhagen, and New York—involves massaging your eyebrows with a pinching technique to relieve tension. (Related: 4 Eyebrow Shapes That Look Good On Anyone)

The treatment borrows from Ayurvedic massage principles. It's meant to stimulate marma points—energy centers used in Ayurveda that are similar to acupressure points—around the brows. Blink technicians incorporate the company's nourishing brow oil with sweet almond oil and rosewater mist during the treatment.

While the eyebrow massage is surely worth it for the relaxation alone, it also has potential beauty benefits. The pinching method stimulates circulation, which can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, says Jaimineey Patel, head of training at BBB London. You might even end up with more luscious brows if you get pinched on the reg.

"The massage around the eyes will help increase circulation by stimulating the deeper layers of the skin," explains Patel. "This in time can stimulate hair growth." Think: the same way scalp massages can increase blood flow for improved hair growth on your head. (Related: I Tried a Workout Class for My Face)

Through August, anyone who books Blink's brow threading or Ayurvedic eye-soother treatments will get a 60-second taste of brow pinching. For the full experience, you can book a 10-minute standalone brow pinching treatment for $26. But considering that self-massage is a key step in Ayurvedic skin-care, you don't have to live near a brow bar to get in on the action.


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