From yoga totes to sports sacks, we get PURSE-onal with every fit chick's fave accessory

It's like a trusty friend that's waiting for you every time you walk out the door. You shove it into tight spaces like lockers, jam-pack it with water bottles, towels, protein bars, and tampons, and yet it's still there waiting for you the next time you're ready to sweat. It may even occasionally house your smelly sneakers-and it never complains. We're talking about your gym bag, and the kind you choose says a lot about you! We break it down.

Classic Duffel


Loved by:

Gym rats, exercise fanatics, and serious athletes who have 'stuff' to carry, like, um, kettlebells.

Usually toted with: The aforementioned 'stuff,' or as much as can be stuffed into it. A big ol' bottle of fat burners and a protein shake. Bonus if beads of sweat are evident on the nylon.

Workout of choice: MMA, kickboxing, weight lifting, and the occasional ass whooping.

Price: $30-$50

Yoga Bag


Loved by:

Peace-loving yet unreasonably and astonishingly flexible yogis.

Usually toted with: A yoga mat and any necessary accessories, no spot for sneaks needed.

Workout of choice: Yoga of course, and the occasional Pilates or Bar Method class.

Price: $20-$50

Canvas Tote


Loved by:

The occasional gym goer, the 'I'll start tomorrow' exerciser, the utilitarian.

Usually toted with: A towel and a bottle of water, plus makeup, deodorant, a change of clothes, an iPod, and few good magazines for reading on the treadmill.

Workout of choice: Walking on the treadmill, doing lunges around the water cooler.

Price: $20-$150

Designer Handbag


Loved by:

The woman who doesn't feel the need for a 'special' bag for the gym, she just grabs whatever Birkin happens to be lying around, and shoves a towel in it. Yes, we're talking to you, Kim Kardashian.

Usually toted with: Several credit cards, an iPhone, and Dior's latest shade of red lipstick.

Workout of choice: Flirting with hot trainers.

Price: $50-$$$$



Loved by:

Granola girls, tree huggers, and those who are one with the Earth.

Usually toted with: Kind bars, a Peta leaflet, and a leaf.

Workout of choice: Um, hiking, duh.

Price: $15-$60

Sports Sack


Loved by:

Simple sports enthusiasts and gym goers.

Usually toted with: Whatever gear needs to be hauled to and fro. In the most unattractive way possible. Bonus that it doubles as a laundry bag.

Workout of choice: Swimming, rowing, running-maybe an intramural soccer game.

Price: $15