Whitney Port Uses This Best-Selling $4 Razor to Shave Her Face

Technically an eyebrow razor, it's been popularized as a dermaplaning tool.

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Whitney Port
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If you're ISO a facial razor but have no clue which blade to trust with your face, Whitney Port's got you covered. She revealed that she relies on the Tinkle Eyebrow Razor (Buy It, $4 for 6, amazon.com) to get rid of "peach fuzz" and exfoliate her face in the process.

Port recently posted a photo of a Tinkle Eyebrow Razor on her Instagram Story with an explanation of why they're the best. "You guys. I use this amazing tool to get off all the peach fuzz on my face," she wrote on the photo. "Yes, I know that sounds yuck but as I'm getting older I'm getting random spots of peach fuzz that need to go away!" It's true, BTW: Peach fuzz on your face can increase as you age thanks to hormonal changes. (

And while you may have believed the common myth that says shaving can cause hair to grow in thicker, Port's decision to use a razor isn't self-sabotage. Not only is that myth, well, a myth, but since vellus hairs (that "peach fuzz" all over your face) are so fine, cutting them with a razor doesn't leave behind that stubbly feeling you might associate with beard hair. That's true of Port's experience with the Tinkle razor, per her Instagram Story. "There's no stubble after and it exfoliates your skin as well," she wrote.

In fact, the Tinkle Eyebrow Razor's potential as an exfoliating tool is its true claim to fame–it might as well be renamed the Tinkle Face Razor. The dermaplaning crowd—those who shave their face to remove dead skin cells and fine facial hair—use the tool all over their faces rather than just for brow clean-up. That exfoliation allows products to sink in more deeply, and many fans of dermaplaning swear the practice allows for an unbelievably smooth foundation application.

Because of its rep as one of the best face razors for women, the Tinkle Eyebrow Razor is basically a permanent fixture on Amazon's beauty best-sellers list. (It's currently seventh.) The Tinkle razor has thousands of 5-star reviews that echo Port's praise on Instagram. "I [use] this more for exfoliation than for hair removal," wrote one Amazon reviewer. "My skin has never been smoother, clearer, and younger-looking than it is now!" Someone else wrote of their experience with the razor: "Bits of peach fuzz are removed with ease and my face feels SO smooth after I 'shave' and moisturize! My foundation glides on and looks so good!" Another important distinction: Reviewers say that the razors are easy to use without causing nicks. (

For a basic razor, Port's go-to tool inspires a lot of passion. Who knew scraping off peach fuzz and dead skin cells could sound so appealing?

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