She's encouraging people to embrace their flawed skin and cellulite.

By Faith Brar

Fitness influencer Karina Irby is on a mission to show her 740,000 followers that nobody is perfect. The 28-year-old, known for sharing pictures of her toned booty on Instagram, recently shared an unretouched photo, showing her cellulite and eczema scars. She's hoping that her uncensored move will inspire others to feel more confident in their skin.

"This photo is hard for me to post," Karina wrote alongside the image. "I wanted to share this image showing off my angry skin and cellulite to help raise awareness that THIS IS NORMAL. I want to help love and support other angry skin suffers that are covering up, feeling self-conscious and even being bullied that they're not alone."

She encouraged her followers to share their support and personal experiences in the comments section instead of just DMing her. That way others could know that they're not alone in their struggles-something she felt a lot when she was younger. (Related: The Best Social Media App for Your Happiness)

"When I was a teenager I felt so alienated, unhappy, and self-conscious," she said. "I felt so alone and that no one knew what I had to deal with every day. Little did I know I had an entire community behind me, I just needed time to grow and realize it. So for all those young people out there that may be feeling the same...I got your back."

This isn't the first time that Karina has been real about her struggle with body image and how all the photoshopping and editing of pictures on social media can take a toll. In December, she shared two side-by-side photos of herself, one retouched and one not, to show just how deceiving social media can be and why we shouldn't take it too seriously. (Did you know that using these Instagram filters might be a sign of depression?)

We know it can be hard to love your shape when you're bombarded with "perfect" images on Instagram all day. But in the words of Karina, "Unique is better. Unique is power. Lumps, bumps and all."


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