In a refreshing reminder of what beauty really means, this aspiring makeup artist shows her followers how lipstick and eyeliner can have transformative powers.

By Faith Brar
Updated: June 27, 2017

Emily Jones is a glitter-obsessed aspiring artist whose love for makeup runs deeper than even the most Sephora-obsessed.

The 22-year-old from London is currently battling Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (type 3), a rare autoimmune disease that affects connective tissues such as the skin, joints, and blood vessels, which are important for maintaining strength throughout the body. Complications from the condition have kept Jones in a wheelchair for the last several years and she's now required to use a feeding tube. But her passion for makeup and beauty has actually helped her embrace her new normal. (Related: Why Autoimmune Diseases Are On the Rise)

"Makeup means everything to me-it gives me the confidence to be myself without the judgment of others," she recently told Allure. "[It] takes away the self-consciousness I feel...and makes me feel gorgeous!"

Jones posts on Instagram every day, proudly flaunting her impressive makeup looks. And instead of trying to cover up her feeding tube as some kind of "flaw," she wants to incorporate it into her creative process. "I'm gonna try to find some glittery tape to put on the side of my tube to match the look I'm going for," she also told Allure.

While you might think she learned from the pros, her impressive skills are completely self-taught-with a little help and encouragement from beauty YouTubers, that is. "I have watched Carli Bybel and NikkieTutorials from the start, and they started off my love for makeup," she said to Allure. Jones started posting photos and videos to social media when she was 19 and has enjoyed honing her beauty skills and trying out the latest trends ever since.

By sharing her inspiring story on Instagram, Jones hopes to inspire others to embrace what makes them different and to follow their dreams no matter what obstacles come their way.



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