One makeup artist demos how to use makeup to make your legs look more sculpted and muscular—and it takes way more time than a leg workout

By Kylie Gilbert
April 08, 2016

The contouring trend has been around for awhile now, and has thus begun to extend to parts of the face/body that we never even thought could possibly be contoured-like the collar bone and even the ears. (We can thank Kylie Jenner for that one.) The latest part to get the contour treatment? Legs.

In this Insta video, you can see one makeup artist taking the trend to a whole new level, painting on layers of makeup to give the appearance of more sculpted, muscular legs.

Sure, we've all tried sunless tanner on our legs or some baby oil at some point in our lives, but this is no joke. We're talking bronzer, entire cream sculpting kits, and countless makeup brushes. And there is a method to the madness: The technique was actually inspired by her son's anatomy book, the makeup artist explains in the caption.

We're not totally surprised that this is now a thing-there are certainly a ton of weird beauty tutorials out there-but we still can't help but shake our heads. (P.S. Here are 10 Wacky Beauty Products That Work Like Magic.) Seriously, who has this kind of time to paint their legs on each day?! To each their own, but we'll be sticking with a more traditional method of leg 'contouring': You know, leg workouts. You can literally do all five of celebrity trainer Shaun T's best leg exercises in less time, and you'll reap benefits that won't wash off in the shower! Even better: There's no chance of getting makeup all over that little white sundress.