8 Workout Headbands That Tame Your Worst Flyaways

Your sweat beads and bangs are no match for these functional-meets-stylish workout headbands.

Woman running outdoors in athletic wear, gloves and headband
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When you're on the hunt for a new pair of squat-proof leggings or supportive sports bras, you might look to the pros — powerful athletes, popular trainers, and viral fitfluencers — for an idea of the best options on the market. And based on Alex Morgan's decade-long dedication to workout headbands crafted from rolled-up pre-wrap, you may be speed-buying a roll of the foam tape to tame your own sweaty flyaways.

Sure, the make-shift hair accessory is budget-friendly, and you don't have to go through the hassle of washing it after every Peloton class or hot yoga practice. But it's not absorbent enough to sop up all your sweat or thick enough to keep your curtain bangs pinned back.

One catch-all solution? Save your pre-wrap for its actual use (you know, preventing irritation from athletic tape) and slip on one of these workout headbands designed specifically for your toughest activities. No matter your price point, style, or sweat level, there's sure to be a workout headband that's perfect for you.

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JUNK Brands Big Bang Lite Headband

woman wearing JUNK Brands Big Bang Lite Headband in black color
JUNK Brands

Crafted from a lightweight fabric with a t-shirt feel, JUNK Brands' workout headband is designed to keep your head cool, comfortable, and protected. The hair accessory wicks away sweat, dries quickly, and offers UPF 50+ so your scalp stays sunburn-free. Seriously, the headband is so absorbent, one reviewer said they "squeezed it onto the concrete and it drenched it as if I was pouring a water bottle on the ground." "My first time playing basketball with it, I was blown away at how much sweat it absorbs," they added. "I take it off between games, roll it into a ball, and squeeze it with the gym towel. The towel gets drenched with it. JUNK headbands hold probably 10 times more sweat than any other brand."

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QiShang Workout Headband

woman wearing QiShang Workout Headband in grey, with six headband images on side

Just because you're balling on a budget doesn't mean you have to settle for subpar workout headbands. This six-pack of stretchy, non-slip headbands has more than 1,300 five-star ratings on Amazon, and they're designed to be used for both chill activities such as yoga and intense workouts like running. And based on one "novice table tennis player's" review, the headbands are practically as absorbent as a brand-new sponge.

"I tried one [of the headbands] today and let me tell you...THIS SWEATBAND IS AMAZING," they wrote. "I usually start dripping sweat ten minutes in because I'm playing hard. But with this sweatband on, my entire face was dry! After an hour of play, my face and head and neck were practically bone-dry. When I took off the sweatband, the entire thing was SOAKED! I was amazed."

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Lululemon Fringe Fighter Headband

woman wearing Lululemon Fringe Fighter Headband in white color

If you're a strong believer in the phrase "the bigger, the better," this workout headband from Lululemon is your perfect match. The accessory features an extra wide band that's sure to keep all your flyaways off your face and, thanks to the buttery-soft fabric, won't leave your locks frizzy AF. Still, reviewers say the headband is grippy enough to stay in place while you exercise, ensuring it absorbs every drop of sweat. "I was looking for a headband that stays put and absorbs sweat so that hair is somewhat salvageable on non-hair wash days," wrote one five-star reviewer. "This is it!"

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Athleta Vital Headband in Powervita

woman with brown hair wearing Athleta Vital Headband in Powervita in light blue color

Don't let a clashing workout headband ruin the look of your matching workout set. Instead, slip on this hair accessory from Athleta, which is available in six colors and pairs perfectly with the brand's crop tops and long-sleeve tees. The headband is quick-drying and stretchy, and, although it's designed for indoor and outdoor yoga flows, it's tough enough to handle intense cardio sessions. "I just wanted something to keep the sweat from my eyes while running but had no idea the quality of the product I ordered," wrote one five-star reviewer. "The interior band has grip, so it doesn't fall the entire time and wicks the sweat perfectly. I didn't know how perfect it was and now I can't deal with anything [else]."

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Sweaty Betty Power Headband

woman wearing Sweaty Betty Power Headband with hair in ponytail
Sweaty Betty

Perform enough jump squats, sprints, or jumping lunges, and your high ponytail is bound to slowly slip down your head, leaving you with a loose, sweaty mess of hair that's only going to stick to your face. To avoid the seemingly inevitable, pull your locks back into a low pony and slip on this workout headband from Sweaty Betty. The back of the stretchy, sweat-wicking band features a concealed hole that you can thread your hair through, helping your pony stay in place and keep sweat beads out of your eyes.

Plus, reviewers say the workout headband is wide enough to function as a set of ear warmers, too. "Bought this for cold night runs as I can get terrible earache," wrote one five-star shopper. "Was a bit dubious when it first arrived as it's quite slim-fitting, but turns out it really does the job! Stayed put, not too tight and also love how easy it is to clean."

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Old Navy Dry-Quick Performance Headband

woman wearing Old Navy Dry-Quick Performance Headband in purple and black print
Old Navy

This workout headband from Old Navy is about as classic as they come. The simple accessory is 1.5 inches wide, so it pins down your flyaways without covering your entire head, and it's fitted with interior grips to prevent slippage. "I always struggle to find headbands that stay still but also don't squeeze my head — this does just that," wrote one five-star reviewer. "Soft and lightweight, this headband kept my hair back while not being too tight during a cardio workout and for a few hours after as I ran errands."

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Athleta Swept Up Headband in Powervita

woman wearing Athleta Swept Up Headband in Powervita in red floral print

On the nights you're heading straight from barre class to the bar, cap off your athletic wear with this workout headband, which features a chic red floral print and adorable bow on top. The soft and stretchy material is also equipped with grips, so it will stay secure at your hairline, even during a medium- or high-impact sweat sesh. Put simply, "this headband has all the quality of a sports headband, plus the tie at the top gives it a little cute style that could pair with any outfit," wrote one reviewer.

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MandaBees Spice Braided Headband

woman with hair in bun wearing MandaBees Spice Braided Headband in terracotta color

This workout headband is proof that you don't have to compromise on style to be comfortable. The hair accessory is crafted with buttery-soft fabric that's supremely stretchy and features a gorgeous braid that sits at the top of your hairline. Trust, it's the cutest way to cover up your greasy roots — whether you just hit up a hot yoga class or hit your third straight no-wash day.

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