Urine therapy is as strange as it sounds.

By Refinery29
September 13, 2016
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I want you to sit back, close your eyes, and think long and hard about good skin. Glowy skin. Breakout-free skin. How badly do you want it? Would you give up dairy? Force an orgasm every day? (Okay, that one's easy.) Pee on a cotton pad and rub it on your cheeks?

What kind of sick joke is this?, you may ask. Trust me, I'm not going to do it, either. But don't shoot the messenger. I'm just here to tell you-and the type of people interested in putting leeches and placentas on their faces-about a DIY skin remedy making the rounds on the Internet. It's called urine therapy-and not just because you might need to see a shrink after trying it.

Incorporating urine into a skin-care routine isn't some new hippy-dippy thing Gwyneth Paltrow is touting. It's an ancient Eastern tradition, believed to heal external ailments using the body's natural antibodies released in our urine, which is "sterile, antimicrobial, and has anti-inflammatory properties, says dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, M.D.

As expected, there are some caveats to washing or toning your face with urine, says dermatologist Whitney Bowe, M.D. 1. You should only use your own sample (phew). 2. You must use it immediately to avoid bacteria contamination-no waffling! 3. Do not try this if you're prone to UTIs, have diabetes, or take oral medications which can react with the skin in unexpected ways.

Surprisingly, Dr. Bowe isn't grossed-out by the idea.

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