The latest cosmetic procedure will have you cringing. But aren't you a little curious too?

By Charlotte Hilton Andersen
Updated: March 28, 2016

The latest trend in cosmetic procedures combines two of everyone's favorite activities: vampire facials and vaginal injections!

Okay, so those are no one's favorite things, and they actually seem like an intensely uncomfortable pairing. But one U.K. couple decided to do just that: They got a vampire facial on their genitalia to boost their sex life-and it apparently worked! (Too crazy for you? Try these 10 Facial Peels to Banish Dead Skin.)

So-called vampire facials, popularized by the Kardashians and their weirdly fascinating bloody selfies, work by taking a person's own blood, extracting the plasma, and injecting that back into their skin. It's supposed to rejuvenate, youthen, and plump aging, tired skin. But, as Charl Chapman, 48, and Nina Howell, 38, discovered, it's not just your facial skin that gets dry and saggy as you age. Chapman decided to have plasma injected into the head and shaft of his penis while Howell got it injected into her g-spot and vaginal canal.

According to Kannan Athreya, M.D., the doctor who performed the unconventional procedure (question: Does this fall under dermatology or gynecology?), the plasma tightens and enlarges the genital tissues, leading to a tighter experience as well as a better orgasm. (You don't need to go to extremes-here are 7 Tips for a Better Orgasm.)

This sounds like the kind of thing, frankly, that only crazy people would try. You want to stick needles where exactly? But Chapman and Howell said that not only was it not very painful-they called it "only slightly uncomfortable"-they raved about the results.

"I actually believe that my quality of orgasm has improved, too, with a degree of heightened sensitivity to the clitoris," Howell told the Daily Mail. "Although it does help that I also have a very understanding and sympathetic partner."

Chapman added that it helped his erectile dysfunction. "I was a bit apprehensive about the injections in my privates, but it wasn't a hard decision-pardon the pun," he said.

Athreya explained that the whole procedure can be done quickly and with just local anesthetic in the doctor's office, making it a much simpler and cheaper alternative to other methods of vaginal rejuvenation. The effects take about a week to fully kick in, but can last for months afterward.

Worth it? It might be a good option for couples looking to spice up their sex lives-as long as they're good with needles, that is. Otherwise, try these 9 Ways to Sex Up Your Relationship (no needles necessary!).



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