By Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti
October 26, 2011

We are sisters, best friends, and natural-born redheads.

Adrienne has kept her natural red hair and has struggled to find beauty products that cater to young, trendy redheaded women. Stephanie experimented with different shades of reds and blondes and has had trouble embracing her red roots, until now.

Needless to say, we've been through it all and are here to tell all. We've been influenced by our mother, who always looked beautiful in a full face of make-up, even at breakfast. She is a fabulous woman with beautiful blonde hair and even though we were redheaded girls with not-so-fabulous blonde eyelashes, our mother taught us early on what true redheads should really do. When we put mascara on a young age, we will never forget how beautiful we felt! Our discovery of streak-free instant tans; products that help our redheaded, frizzy hair; natural but fabulous bronzers; and lotions that do not irritate our redheaded, sensitive skin (we could go on and on!) was revolutionary. Over the years, we have learned to master all of the "faking-it" and complimentary redheaded techniques. And so, having at last embraced our red hair, we created How to be a Redhead for other redheads throughout the world.

Our goal is to be the "been-there done-that" big sisters, addressing topics about fashion, beauty, health, relationships and calls in expert opinions to clear strange myths like: Do redheads really need more anesthesia?

How to be a Redhead is changing the view our society has about redheads and helping every redheaded women feel beautiful. Finally, there is a place to answer these questions and encourage women to embrace and enhance their redheaded features, inside and out; because being a redhead is more than a hair color- it's a lifestyle.