You Told Us: What '80s Trend Do You Secretly Want to See Make a Comeback?


If anybody saw Dancing with the Stars on Tuesday, you'll know Julianne Hough made a surprise appearance to promote her new film Footloose and dance with her co-star Kenny Wormald to the hit song, "Footloose." If you're excited about the premier, you don't have to wait any longer, because it hits theaters today! The movie is a remake of the 1984 classic, which starred Lori Singer and Kevin Bacon in the lead roles. Who's going to go see it this weekend? We can't wait to see how it compares to the original. It got us thinking about the '80s trends and fashions we secretly wish would make a comeback, and we couldn't resist: We had to go to some of our favorite bloggers to get their take, and the answers are pretty funny! Here's what they had to say:

"Thick gold chains, leather jackets, Kangol hats and shell top Adidas sneakers. Rappers like RUN DMC knew what the deal was in the '80s."

-Adena Andrews, of

"Leg warmers! People have tried to bring them back plenty of times, but they never seem to take off. Right now it's so chilly out, I could really go for some leg warmers. Add in some hot pink pumps and I'm set for a '80s Halloween outfit!"

- Trisha Bartle of Makeup Files

"I would definitely like to see those t-shirts that were spraypainted with your name in cursive rainbow colors. I still have mine (uh, it doesn't fit as I got it when I was eight), but I loved it because it was the only thing I ever had with my name on it!"

- Starre Vartan of Eco-Chick

"I secretly long for the return of crimped hair like Lea Thompson had in Howard The Duck. There was a mini-comeback a few years ago but it didn't quite take off. I want to bust out my former Vidal Sassoon crimper and be able to show up to work with tightly undulating locks like the days of yore and have it not even be a thing."

- Amber Katz of Beauty Blogging Junkie

"I wish big earrings, ala Jennifer Beals in the original Flashdance, would make a comeback. They brought so much interest and light to the face!"

-Nicki Zevola of Future Derm

Don't see your answer here? Don't worry! We'll be asking a new question of the day every day as long as the blogger awards are live! Be sure to check back soon and see what other Facebook users and bloggers have to say about food, fitness and overall healthy living!

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