They're dishing out their best skincare tips for maintaining healthy-looking skin in your 20s, 30s, and beyond

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Updated: August 19, 2015
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From the time we usher in puberty by popping our very first pimple, it becomes painfully clear how much our skin can change with age. What many of us don't know is exactly what's happening on a cellular level-and what we can do about it. From adult acne to sunspots and crow's feet, navigating the changes in our skin can be overwhelming. And, though we wish we could attain perfect complexions by washing our faces, slathering on moisturizer, and calling it a day, it isn't that simple. Especially when we're trying to sort the buzzy, new "miracle" ingredients from the time-tested, scientifically proven treatments.

So, we consulted the experts-New York-based dermatologist and author Amy Wechsler, MD, and Miami-based dermatologist, author, and researcher Leslie Baumann, MD-for their advice on how to keep up with your skin's changes with the right techniques, products, and ingredients. Read on for our decade-by-decade take on how you can have the best skin of your life, at every age. [Read the full story on Refinery29]


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