Your Perfect Eyebrows Playbook

Give Cara Delevingne a run for her money with eyebrow-shaping strategies that really step up your brow game

Jack Black, actor and beauty editor apparent, once said that "you must never underestimate the power of eyebrows." And he was right-not only are your brows the set-up to all of your facial features, they're also a bit unruly and unwieldy at times, requiring maintenance and due diligence. But the reward is great, because good brows make you look amazing (see: Cara Delevingne). Here, how to shape your perfect pair, plus tips on defining and highlighting as well as the best beauty products to help you get a great set. Because if Jack Black said it, then it must be worthy of the Beauty Bible, right? (Before you start, beware of the 6 Common Brow Mistakes That Cause Harm.)

Step One: Get Your Brows Back in Shape


1. Stop tweezing all the time: Those little strays may seem like huge face invaders, but the truth is, you're probably the only one noticing them. Plus, you may end up overtweezing, leaving you with patchy areas that need to be filled into temporarily (and quite frequently) til hairs have grown back in. Got fuzz everywhere? Try using a brow pomade, says celebrity makeup artist Priscilla Ono, which adheres to the skin better than brow powder will, making it easier to cover sparse spots, tame fuzz and stay put all day. DIPBrow Pomade ($18; comes in 11 different shades, so finding your perfect match won't be an issue. (FYI, this is The Best Way to Fill In Your Brows.)

2. Enhance growth: The best way to help jumpstart any sparse area growth is with the help of a serum, suggests Courtney Buhler, founder and CEO of SugarLash. "It will help your existing brow hairs grow in longer and stronger, and help hairs that aren't currently growing to 'wake up' and come back," she says. Look for one with peptides, protein-rich amino-acid chains that are the building blocks of all growth, like Joely Healy Brow Renovation Serum ($125; says Ono.

3. Cut it out: DON'T. TRIM. YOUR. OWN. BROWS. Go to a salon. Trust.

Step Two: Sculpt Those Perfect Arches


1. Consider your face shape: Take your face into account when it comes to picking your perfect pair of brows. For example, if you've got sharp features, consider a rounder brow, which will help soften things. Alternatively, a round face benefits most from an angled shape, with a high peak to give a more youthful appearance and help draw onlookers' eyes upward. The only time you'd ever really go for a flat brow is if you'd like to shorten a longer face, explains Noemi Grupenmager, founder and CEO of Uni-K Wax Centers.

2. Use this fool-proof measurement: Nail the ideal shape for your exact face every time with this easy-to-follow technique, which only requires an eye brush (or anything similar with a straight handle). Start with a brush placed along the bridge of your nose so it rests on top of the nostril and points up-it should sync up with where your brow should start, says Ono. To find the tip, angle the brush from the base of the nostril to the outer corner of your eye. Finally, place the brush against outer edge of your nostril, angling it along the outer edge of the pupil to create the classic arch and adjust based on your face shape.

3. Remove unwanted hairs: If you've got too much or too little going on, you may want to see an expert. Likewise, if you're gung-ho on waxing, Grupenmager recommends seeing a pro for safety purposes. Otherwise, stick to a solid pair of tweezers (Ono loves the angled pair from Tweezerman ($23; because of its angled blade, which provides greater grip, and tackle one hair at a time, starting from the top and the sides, then working under the arch.


4. Guss 'em up: Before you head out with your new set, you're gonna want to make them the center of attention. And highlighting brows not only helps to define the shape, but also to add a spotlight on the brow bone, giving you an almost-instant face lift. Try a matte formula (rather than the shimmering kind) for a more natural look that's just one or two shades lighter than your current foundation, says Buhler. To apply, press tightly into browbone using a contour brush, working back and forth in a crisp line against the brow. Finish off with a coating of clear eyebrow gel, says Ono, to set everything in place.

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